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Whether you’re a professional stylist, personal chef, or someone who simply likes to keep your kitchen knives in the best shape possible, taking good care of your tools is an investment in your business and quality of life. When it comes to knives and shears specifically, the sharpness of the blades makes all the difference not only with the end product, but with the ease in which the job is done. At AMV Mobile Sharpening, their motto is “work sharp, not hard”.

As a family-run business, each member of the AMV Sharpening team has a specialty. Vince Feliciano first took an interest in sharpening knives while recovering from surgery. He began by finding videos and articles online, anything to help him learn the best techniques. His wife, Maria, loves working with her hands and has a background in mechanics, so she enjoys working with the different components and intricate nature of shears. Their daughter, Angelina, specializes in the administrative side of the business.

A few years ago, the Feliciano family connected with a gentleman who trained them using a specialized Japanese Water Stone technique, which is a delicate process of sharpening knives and shears. Using this technique takes a bit longer than the often-used grinding and sanding methods. However, the process gently restores the edge without causing damage, extending the life of the blade, and provides a sharp edge for longer, meaning more time between sharpening. “One man gave me a knife that was a mess with a big chunk in the blade,” Vince remembered. “He did not expect that I would be able to do much with it, but when I was done, there was no nick anymore and the knife looked brand new.”

Many companies use high speed grinders to sharpen everything from lawnmower blades to parring knives, but according to Vince, this method not only provides a short-lived sharpening, but can cause damage to the blade or shears. “Sometimes stylists have no idea how damaged the shears are, all they know is that they stay sharp for about a week before they start having problems,” he said. “We can see the damage that has been done when we open them up and take them apart. Our job then is to repair the damage in addition to sharpening the shears.”

Because it is a mobile service, shears are sharpened onsite, giving customers the opportunity to see the process in real time and be assured that their tools are being well cared for and that they are not being switched out for another product. For knives, Vince sharpens onsite up to a certain quantity and then, because of the length of time it takes to do each knife, he will pick up and deliver the knives but do the actual sharpening in his shop.

Another aspect of their business is educating professionals, such as stylists, to take good care of their tools. “With shears, we encourage stylists to invest in a good, quality shear that will last a long time. Then, we tell people specifically how to maintain their shears by using the S.O.A.P. method,” shared Maria. “Shears need to be sharpened, oiled, adjusted correctly, and protected. When I say protected, I mean storing them correctly. They shouldn’t get thrown in a drawer because they will get nicked and stylists’ hands are so sensitive, they can tell if the shear has a nick. We encourage them to store each shear in its own case and not to cut anything other than hair with the shear.”

Maria teaches that by investing in a quality product and following appropriate and effective upkeep techniques, knives and shears can last many years. “A high-end shear can cost up to $2,000 and typically, if well taken care of, it could last between 20 and 25 years,” she said. “However, a few minutes with a belt sander can easily take 10 years off the life of the shear.”

Additionally, Vince and Maria stress that the quality of the sharpening shows through in the final product customers experience. “I remind clients that their reputation is everything,” said Vince. “If they are cutting someone's hair and it is pulling or tearing their hair, or it is pinching them or even causing small cuts, the customer might not say anything while they are there, but they will afterwards in their review online. So, I encourage them to invest in quality shears and have us sharpen them so that they know they are getting the right care.”

For more information, visit or call (704) 326-6276. Also, follow @amv_sharpening on Instagram.

Sometimes stylists have no idea how damaged their shears are. Our job is to repair the damage in addition to sharpening the shears.

One man gave me a knife that was really a mess with a big chunk in the blade. When I was done with it, there was no nick anymore and the knife looked brand new.

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