An Afternoon with Melissa Post and Megan Rutstein, Co-Founders of Westport Moms

Keeping Westport Moms Connected

Article by Kristen Page Emond

Photography by Mindy Briar Photography

Originally published in Westport Lifestyle

When friends Melissa Post and Megan Rutstein were originally presented with the opportunity to launch a one-stop-shop resource for moms in Westport in 2016, their initial inclination was to politely decline. Between the two of them, they had five kids under the age of 5, and both had part-time jobs. The idea of trying to take on a project of this magnitude at the time felt borderline crazy. After learning a bit more about the venture, however, they started to brainstorm ideas and realized all they could potentially do—and they began to reconsider.

“We love connecting people, so we thought, let’s give this a whirl.”

Fast forward a year and a half and 4,000 Instagram followers later. M&M (as they are sometimes known) have built a successful hyper-local online business and have expertly cultivated an engaged following of young moms and like-minded partners. The national Local Moms Network began in 2014 with Greenwich Moms, and it was only a matter of time before its founders set out to find local moms in the Westport community to collaborate with.

"We are not a Facebook group; we are a resource for all moms in the community to stay in the know; save time; and connect with one another via our social platform, website and app, Burb Blurb," Melissa says. "Our website can help new moms navigate everything the town has to offer, including preschools, summer camps and even which orthodontist to go to. We also create events, which are a great networking opportunity and social outlet for moms to meet other moms who are in similar life stages and/or have similar interests.”

When WLM sat down with the duo behind Westport Moms, they were kind enough to share with us their favorite spots to experience anything and everything Westport:

1. Best Spot for Girl’s Night Out:

Melissa: “A happy hour somewhere like The Cottage where we love to go and sit at the bar during the winter. Ralph, the bartender there, makes a mean Paloma. For summer, the bar at the Delamar Hotel called Artisan Southport has outdoor seating which is awesome for this time of year. The Pearl is great too.”

Megan: “I love the Pearl too and since you can always find my husband on the golf course, naturally it is where I will meet him for a drink or a quick bite (even with the kids) afterward. The patio is such a beautiful spot during the summer months to grab food and meet friends for drinks. I love OKO, which just opened in town, for their incredible sushi. And all things Bill Taibe! I love the Whelk’s seasonal ‘Froggy’ cocktail. 

2. Favorite Place to Take the Kids:

Melissa and Megan: “Definitely the [Sherwood] Diner. Our kids essentially grew up there, and if you want food in five minutes or less, it can’t be beat! Joey’s by the Shore (especially their fries) are always a special treat, and when we take the kids into town, we love that the Rye Ridge Deli is now there. They are warm and welcoming to kids, and all kids meals come with a cookie for dessert!”

3. Favorite Place to Buy a Gift for Yourself or a Girlfriend:

Megan: “She la la. I love everything monogrammed!”

Melissa: “Madewell. It kind of has everything that you need, and the staff is fantastic there. I also love She la la and the Paper Alley, which sells local, unique, monogrammed and fun gifts that are perfect for a housewarming.”

4. Best Way to "Treat Yourself":

Melissa: “I would walk on Compo Beach for an hour, and if I had time for a facial or massage I would head to New Beauty Wellness.”

Megan: “I like the Compo Beach idea, but I would rather take out a chair and sit for an hour.”

Melissa: “I like where she’s going with that. Reconsidering, I think the perfect day for me would include sitting and reading a trashy magazine or book for a few hours without responding to emails or being called to wipe someone’s tushy! I’d then have a delicious meal followed by ice cream and get into bed to binge-watch a TV Series like Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights.”

Megan: “Sounds perfect. I’ll be where she is, but I’d probably watch Homeland or Billions.”

5. Unofficial Office and Go-To Coffee Spot:

Melissa and Megan: “The Granola Bar on Post Road East. Sometimes (like today) we were there three different times. They are building an office for us we think…”

To learn more about Westport Moms, follow them on social media @WestportMoms, sign up for their monthly e-newsletter at WestportMoms, or download the Burb Blurb App to stay connected to local events. To partner with Westport Moms, email info@westportmoms.com.

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