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Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics: Catering to Special Diets

For years, Elizabeth Durham was unwell. She visited several physicians who told her nothing was wrong. She began to believe it. When her health caused her to miss her daughter’s birthday party, she decided to take charge and research her symptoms. All signs pointed to gluten.

Celiac Disease

On January 4, 2014, Durham stopped eating gluten and began to heal her body with healthy foods. She began a food Co-Op called Lettuce Heads Organic Produce to help provide fresh organic produce to the community. She began creating and sharing healthy recipes with the co-op and also instructed cooking classes.

Due to her gluten- and dairy-free diet, Durham was hesitant to bake. It wasn’t until her nine-year-old daughter asked her to bake a birthday cake that she decided to give it a go. Her daughter requested a coffee cake and Durham nailed it on the first try. She knew she was on to something big.

“I couldn't wait to share the recipe at my cooking classes. That's when the lightbulb went off, nobody wants your recipe, Elizabeth, they just want you to make it for them,” Durham says. 

The Bakery

The doors to Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics opened on Jan. 2, 2017. They experienced almost-instant success and the business was thriving. In 2019, they moved back home to Florida and opened a second location. Then Covid-19 shut down the world. They had no choice but to close their Colorado location.

Due to the stress of the pandemic, they ended up closing their Florida location, as well. It was during this time that the Durhams decided that Colorado Springs was truly their home. They moved back to Colorado and found that their original location was still vacant. Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics re-opened on February 11, 2022.

Baking Mixes

In addition to the bakery, Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics also has a line of allergy-friendly baking mixes. These provide customers with safe ingredients to make baked goods at home.

“We also continue to provide easy-to-follow recipes and accompanying videos to showcase the simplicity and versatility of our mixes,” Durham says. 

Sweet Details

Among the top sellers at Sweet Elizabeth’s Organics are the cinnamon rolls, whoopie pies, and donuts. They also have a café menu that includes healthy organic meals for purchase. Their bakery & café offer dine-in/outdoor seating, as well as carry-out options. 

Facebook + Instagram: @sweetelizabethsorganics

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