An Ekeler Summer State of Mind

The Bond of Family

Article by Desiree Gustafson

Photography by David Grossman of Colorado Photography

Originally published in Windsor City Lifestyle

When it comes to work ethic and drive, the Ekeler men have a deep-rooted motivation coupled with a “Won’t quit” attitude. This is something they witnessed being displayed by their mother and the family and friends they grew up with. Witnessing their mom work hard and strive to give them the best life possible has influenced the course of their own lives and helped them soar to new heights. Their family has always rallied around one another like a team and celebrated each game, accomplishment, and trial together, as one unit.  

Growing up outside of Eaton in Briggsdale Colorado, the boys mostly had one another and their family to play with and practice with, creating a connection that is ingrained in the heart of who they are. Their competitive nature as a family serves as a strength that carries over into all aspects of their lives. This helps them inspire one another to push harder while surrounded by an aura of encouragement and support. They talk shop and football, sharing stories and training like teammates that work together every day, despite the distance.

Their mother Suzanne strived to ensure they were surrounded by humble, hardworking, and kind role models throughout their childhood. This ensured that adventure and teamwork were a part of their everyday life, giving them a spirit of work and play that helps them to appreciate the good along with the difficult. The lake has always been one of the Ekeler family’s happy places. Memories of the family wakeboarding, wake surfing, fishing, and paddle boarding can be seen all over the walls of the Ekeler family home and social media pages. There is rarely a family gathering without some sort of board games or card game, bringing everyone together to enjoy a pastime tradition.

Being a college athlete herself, Suzanne encouraged her boys to work hard at the things they loved, to afford them more opportunities to succeed in life. Not only are they exceptional athletes who excelled academically, but both young men have continued to pursue personal and professional growth both in, and outside of an athletic setting, knowing that mindset and discipline are half the equation of success. Her eldest son Austin now plays running back for the LA Chargers and is involved in several business ventures, while Wyett aims to follow in his brother’s footsteps while finishing out his degree at The University of Wyoming playing safety. Both young men have a strong desire to push themselves every day and discover new limits for what they are capable of, reaching greater heights every day.

With a life centered around football, family, and her two boys, Austin and Wyett; Suzanne Ekeler is most proud of the men they have become and their dedication to growth in all aspects of their life. Their games and sports in general, have always brought the Ekeler family together with their biggest supporter being their mother, Suzanne. Her goal has always been to cheer them on and make them feel like they could achieve anything they wanted through her examples and belief in them, she finds her soul is at its brightest when she is with both of her boys. Happiness and laughter come easily as a way of life for the Ekelers, making everyone around them feel at ease and comfortable. They interact with one another in a way that incorporates a lightness and joyfulness of ease that creates a family you can’t help but want to be a part of, a team with a bond that cannot be broken. There is a kind of magic to that close-knit environment that radiates a sort of permanent sunshine that bleeds into those surrounding it, their own Ekeler Summer.


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