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A Perfect Place for Pups & Parents

The Paw Pad Boutique & Grooming Welcomes Pets with Unparalleled Care

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by Rylie Fuline Photography

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

A trip to the groomer isn’t always a welcome experience for pets or their parents. Tara Myers, entrepreneur and owner of The Paw Pad Boutique & Grooming, understands the importance of providing man’s best friend with the pampering they deserve in an environment where both pets and their parents feel at home. Her team specializes in a personalized, one-on-one grooming experience, minimizing interactions with other dogs and avoiding distractions.

Pet parents are invited to stay throughout the grooming process. A large window on the front side of the historic building, located in the Lake Cable Shopping Center, allows a full view of the furry friend's experience.

“We prioritize creating a fear-free environment for both pets and their parents,” says Tara, who opened the boutique after graduating from high school in 2014. “I’ve had the privilege of witnessing numerous clients’ puppies grow up alongside me. It has been rewarding to see them transform from playful and energetic pups into mature, beloved companions.”

Although not mandatory for the state of Ohio, Tara believes formal grooming training is a must. When she first started her business, she attended a grooming academy to learn from experts and acquire the necessary skills to provide her clients with the best care possible, as well as teach upcoming groomers. From show-ready haircuts and safety training to CPR certification, Tara’s skills allow her clients to be sure their beloved pets are in loving hands.

“Dog grooming may appear simple to some, but it encompasses much more than meets the eye,” she says, noting that canines often visit their groomer more often than their veterinarian. This frequency allows groomers to detect skin conditions, allergies, tumors and other concerns.

“Without proper training, many of these issues can be easily overlooked and escalate into more significant problems,” Tara explains. “Through formal training, I have acquired knowledge of the safest grooming techniques for dogs of all ages and sizes, as well as skills in canine CPR, fear-free grooming practices and breed standards.”

While visiting the salon, it’s not uncommon to find Tara’s 2-year-old French bulldog, Jorah, exploring the pet toys and treats in the boutique. A canine with a sensitive stomach and allergies, he has plenty of options available to him.

Sample treats are free for visitors while shopping in the store. Buddy Butters, which are calming, additive-free dog treats formulated to help soothe and relax dogs in stressful situations, are a bestseller.

“Pet owners have discovered that our calming treats alleviate anxiety, separation anxiety and nervousness in their furry companions. Our customers appreciate these treats that are made with natural ingredients without artificial additives or harmful substances,” she says.

For pet owners, choosing between healthy and unhealthy pet foods can be a challenge and requires extensive research. Tara says it is important for pet parents to avoid using human peanut butter, as some varieties contain artificial sweeteners that can be toxic to dogs.

Tara has a personal interest in providing healthy pet food and offers options to help take the guesswork out of shopping for healthy foods. When selecting products, her goal is to create an environment where pet parents can shop with peace of mind, knowing that products are safe and healthy.

“Ensuring the well-being of pets is at the core of our selection process, so you can trust that the products available in our store have been carefully curated with pet needs in mind,” she says.

Growing up, pets were part of family life for Tara, who is also a pet parent to Raichu and Corsola, a pair of feline friends. Recently, she experienced the loss of her horse, Doc, who was her childhood best friend. Losing him was a pivotal event that showed her the presence and benefits of having a pet aren’t necessarily fully appreciated until they are gone.

“The bond forged with an animal is truly unparalleled in this world. The way they intuitively perceive our emotions and bring brightness to each day is nothing short of magical,” Tara says. “They are blissfully unaware of the complexities of our lives or the trivial stresses that consume us daily. Their unwavering presence is simply a testament to their unconditional love.”

To shop online or to schedule your pet’s next pampering session, visit ThePawPad.Square.Site.

The Details

Tara highlights six things pet owners need to consider when choosing a groomer.


Look for a groomer with experience in handling various breeds, temperaments and coat types.


A great groomer should have knowledge of breed-specific cuts, trims and techniques. 

Cleanliness: Ensure the groomer maintains a clean and sanitized facility, including tools and equipment, to prevent the spread of infections or other problems.

Patience: A reliable groomer should have patience, compassion and gentle handling techniques.

Good Reviews: Look for reviews and recommendations from other pet owners.

Intuition: Trust your intuition. Don’t leave furry friends with just anyone.

"The bond forged with an animal is truly unparalleled in this world."