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The Kickin' Chicken

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An Eye-Opening Breakfast Experience

Wake up to The Bagel Nook’s wild bagel creations

Known for its bold bagel offerings, New Jersey favorite The Bagel Nook opened its first franchised West Coast location in Las Vegas last fall, forever changing the city’s breakfast and brunch scene.

“We wanted to bring authentic New Jersey/New York-style bagels to the city and thought Downtown Summerlin was the perfect location,” said Jordan Fiksenbaum, local franchise owner of The Bagel Nook, which has two locations on the East Coast.

The famed bagel shop is not only known for its authentic East Coast bagels that Fiksenbaum noted are “crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle,” but also for crafting flavorful combinations that the bagel world has never seen before. Guests can savor everything from Fruity Pebbles to Flaming Hot Cheeto bagels and pair them with a full line of 40 different micro-batch cream cheese flavors that are just as wild in taste, including Cool Ranch, Oreo, and Ghost Pepper flavors. Standard schmears and bagels are available as well, or guests can try one of the eatery’s signature bagel “Overloads,” like The Elvis: a sliced French toast bagel with peanut butter swirl cream cheese on both sides and freshly sliced bananas and crispy bacon in the middle.

The 16-seat Downtown Summerlin location offers a variety of other tasty items too that guests can enjoy inside the eatery, on its patio, or to go, including wraps, omelets, and pancakes. While nothing disappoints, Fiksenbaum highly recommends trying one of the bagel sandwich or French toast options, including a trio of specialty bagel sandwiches — The Kickin’ Chicken, The Fatty, and The Flaming Fiesta — that recently became permanent menu additions due to their popularity.

Dishes to Try:

The Kickin’ Chicken

Boar’s Head chicken, crispy bacon, and melted Vermont cheddar on a bagel with tomato, shredded lettuce, and a homemade jalapeño-ranch dressing

The Fatty

Pork roll, bacon, and sausage on a bagel with fried eggs, fried hashbrowns, ketchup, and American cheese

The Flaming Fiesta

Fried chicken cutlets, pepper jack cheese, avocado, tomato, shredded lettuce, and jalapeño-ranch dressing on a Flaming Hot Cheeto Jalapeño Cheddar bagel

Avocado Blast

Start your morning off right by making The Bagel Nook’s best-selling breakfast sandwich from the comfort of your home. “Everyone just loves the combination of avocado, eggs, and hashbrowns on a bagel,” Fiksenbaum stated.


  • 1 bagel (plain, sesame, everything, pumpernickel, or Bagel Nook’s Flaming Hot Cheeto bagel taste best)
  • 1 or 2 eggs (depending on preference)
  • 3 slices of pepper jack cheese
  • 1 frozen hashbrown patty
  • 1 slice of avocado
  • 2 lettuce leaves
  • 1 slice of tomato


1.      Slice bagel of your choice horizontally.

2.      Fry egg(s) for 4 to 5 minutes, depending on how you like them.

3.      Cook frozen hashbrown patty according to package instructions (fried is preferred for texture and crunch).

4.      Stack egg(s), hashbrown, pepper jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, and tomato on one bagel slice.

5.      Put the other bagel slice on top of the stacked ingredients.

6.      Cut sandwich in half vertically and enjoy

  • Avocado Blast Breakfast Sandwich
  • The Fatty
  • The Flaming Fiesta
  • The Kickin' Chicken