An Infusion of Wellness

Vitamins for Healthy Cells and Bodies

Article by Sue Baldani

Photography by Andrew Vick

Originally published in Edina Lifestyle

“Although it seems like a new health trend, it's actually been around for years,” says Stacy Lemmer, owner of The DRIPBaR Edina, about intravenous vitamin therapies. “There's a lot of clinical data that supports what we do, which is really exciting for me.”

After 25 years of mostly working in the medical device industry, Stacy set out to help people directly.  The DRIPBaR – which opened in March – gave her the opportunity to promote preventative wellness and provide vitamin therapy to people who may want to increase their energy and immunity, improve their hydration or take advantage of anti-aging nutrients.  

“It's all about keeping their bodies healthy and well,” she says. “Vitamin insufficiency can lead to an array of symptoms that include depressed mood, increased anxiety, fatigue, muscle aching, neuropathy, brain fog, and other symptoms that compromise quality of life.  If they’re currently battling a sickness, disease or have certain ongoing existing conditions, vitamin therapy can help with the entire gamut.” 

Due to certain health situations, our bodies may not be producing as much of one vitamin or another, she explains. “Even if we have a good nutritional diet or we are taking oral supplements, the absorption of our micronutrients is compromised by the digestive process resulting in only about a 30% absorption rate. With intravenous vitamin therapy, it's almost a 100% absorption because it's going directly into the bloodstream.” 

The DRIPBaR has designed many vitamin formulas. Stacy and her team help steer clients to the right options by asking questions about what they’re looking to improve upon. There are different protocols for certain health conditions, so if, for example, you're actively fighting cancer or are in remission, there is a specific protocol just for that.

For more short-term goals, such as pre-and post-surgery, there are specific vitamin infusions.

“We have a client who just had shoulder surgery and he received our post-op drip the day after his surgery. He felt restored by the hydration, energized from the B12 and a reduction in his inflammation.

“Everything that we offer helps your health at the cellular level, and I think it's important to note that some people will feel the effects of their vitamin drip while they are still dripping. On the other hand, some may not feel a change at all due to the drip being focused on improving immune health.” Even if you don't feel anything, she says your cells are getting nutrients that they need.

“Our research has shown that folks who come back once a month feel the biggest difference due to the consistency in their levels of micronutrients. If you’re following one of our health protocols, the data may show that you should come back more often, perhaps a few times a week.”

The DRIPBaR is operated under the supervision of a medical director, and only staffed by registered nurses who mix and administer the drips. For those who may have a fear of needles, she says the needle stays in for only a couple seconds. “The nurse uses the needle to provide access for the catheter to be advanced inside the vein and then it's retracted.”

Safety, of course, is of utmost concern. “We follow the highest pharmaceutical standards. This includes a sterile isolator hood for mixing all IV bags and the use of only pharmaceutical grade vitamins manufactured within the USA.”

The spa itself is very colorful, inviting and clean. “It's got a cool music vibe. We have an IV lounge we call our dripping area. We can even host parties here.”

For those who may not have time for a drip, they can opt for a quick shot of vitamins into the muscle. Other offerings include micronutrient testing, infrared sauna, halotherapy, red light therapy and a Semaglutide weight loss program.  

“I feel the people in Edina really take care of themselves, and I wanted to be part of that journey and their lifestyle to help them feel better and get more out of their lives. We really do believe that if you feed your cells, you’ll fuel your life.”

3515 W. 70th St. | (612) 429-6822 | TheDripBar.com/Edina

"I sensed the caring...and it's what drew me back. That, in addition to Stacy building a great business in the community." Jenny F. - DRIPBaR customer. 

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