An Office for Women

MAD! Workspace in Alpharetta makes coworking for women a reality

MAD! Workspace, a boutique coworking space for women only, is a beautiful, inspiring, safe space created by Alpharetta resident Becky Berry. It offers both community and a workspace where women can tap into their fierce female energy and experience new levels of productivity.

Becky created MAD! Workspace because she wanted to perform her work in a beautiful, female space, surrounded by a community of powerful women. As an executive career coach, Becky understands the critical connection between surrounding yourself with like-minded women and delivering work that packs an outsized impact. Her favorite testimonial? “Working at MAD! Workspace is like having a social hour, mastermind, and work day rolled into one. I have met new friends and allies there, and been part of several impromptu masterminds that produced powerful outcomes.” Websites: and

Leah Merriweather rents office space at MAD! where she meets with and treats clients. Leah is a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Intuitive Yoga Therapy, a meditation guide, and an energy healing practitioner. Her practice is founded on the knowledge that we have the ability to heal ourselves and improve our quality of life with education and the right tools and techniques for transformation. Leah brings all of her modalities of working to bear as she guides clients to higher levels of consciousness by accessing the information and wisdom of their bodies.

MAD! member Stefanie Diaz is a renowned women’s empowerment guru, partner at Zane Venture Fund, and founder of The Women Only Experience (WOE). Stefanie’s work, founded on her expertise in entrepreneurship and investing, focuses on helping underrepresented entrepreneurs find their voices and then including them at the table. "MAD! is special. You know it as soon as you enter and you feel it when you're greeted by women who've made it their home base. They move through the world with equal parts intuition, openness, and ambition. If you're looking for a place to expand your work while nourishing your soul, this is it.” LinkedIn: Stefanie Diaz

MAD! (Manifest All Day), conveniently situated near downtown Alpharetta, offers day passes, monthly hot desk and dedicated desk memberships, daily private office rentals, office leases, and conference room rentals. There is also ample, free, time-unlimited parking, free wifi, snacks, and beverages.

MAD! is located at 290 South Main Street, Suite 300, Alpharetta

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