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An Urban Philosophy

"Better ingredients. Better for you."

The locally owned and operated Urban Egg has been dishing up “fresh flavors and local favorites” since 2002. Their goal is to provide a “fresh twist to breakfast and lunch favorites using local, organic ingredients.”

Not only is this place dishing up great fresh food, but they are a company founded on giving back to their communities. Working continually to partner with their local communities and charities across northern Colorado, it is evident that they desire to make a positive difference. 

With a love for all things local, the Urban Egg’s philosophy is one that is simple—“Better ingredients. Better for you."

They select local ingredients whenever possible, aiming for fresh, chemical-free meats and produce. They work closely with their farmers to ensure that they are finding the best local products. In addition to that, the Urban Egg sees the farmers they work with as more than just a business transaction between two associates—they see their purveyors as friends.

This is a daytime eatery with plenty of options and plenty of patrons that love to fill their bellies and their souls within their walls. Upon walking through the door, there is a gentle hum of chatter and a consistent clanking of dishware. The waitstaff is busily scurrying from table to table, while plate after delicious plate is delivered. The smell is intoxicating. The most difficult part about the whole experience is knowing that you have to wait your turn to enjoy, or better yet, deciding which item to order.

Their extensive menu boasts an award-winning buttermilk biscuit topped with scratch-made sage sausage gravy. It's a local favorite that is so delicious, you’ll find yourself wanting to lick the plate clean. (Not that there would be any judgment from the staff; they think it is pretty amazing, too!)

They also feature gourmet pancakes, stuffed french toast, an eggs benedict selection where you can “benny it your way” and a slow-roasted corned beef hash that will have you coming back for more. Whatever your vice, Urban Egg will be serving up the freshest and tastiest version for you.

Beyond the plate, you can find an "ultimate bloody mary bar," as well as a full bar with plenty of options that are sure to enhance your dining experience.