Anger Management and Change

Considering a self-assessment to address self-concept and self-esteem

In the 21st-century global economy, anger has become a major personal, family, organizational, institutional, and societal challenge, among others. Anger management involves change, including acquiring information about self and the environment.

The initial step in anger management is acknowledging that one needs to change, as many individuals respond that they do not have a problem and that it is someone else’s fault or responsibility. These individuals are in denial, not accepting accountability, and have an attitude or mindset that can be a major barrier to the process of anger management. Another major barrier can be low self-concept or low self-esteem.

Change will not occur without motivation, and individuals change when there is motivation to change and when they have a cursory understanding of who they are.

In my anger management program, I initially focus on self-assessment, with an emphasis on self-concept and self-esteem, as these are, I believe, the integral components and foundation of an Anger Management Program. 

To begin the self-assessment process, I ask individuals to examine the self as it relates to six areas of both self-concept and self-esteem:

·         Personal

·         Physical

·         Family

·         Social and Community

·         Academic/Work/Professional/Financial

·         Moral/Ethical/Spiritual

(Modified from Fitts & Warren, 1996)

By conducting an in-depth assessment and evaluation of the self, based on the six aforementioned areas of self-concept and self-esteem, individuals better understand whom they are, including issues and concerns related to anger and anger management, to name a few.


Fitts, W. & Warren, W.L. (1996). Tennessee Self-Concept Scale: 2nd Edition (TSCS:2). Los Angeles, CA: Western Psychological Services.

Dr. Vicki D. Coleman, aka The Anger Doctor, is President/CEO of The Coleman Group & The Anger Doctor - comprehensive management consulting firms specializing in Anger Management, Mediation, Human Capital, Psychotherapy, Training, and Research. A former Tenured Professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, she is also a Clinical Supervisor and Online Professor of Psychology, Counseling, Human Services, and U.S. History.

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