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Answer the Call of Adventure

Legendary Jeep Gladiator brings unmatched capability and style

Article by Erica Hernandez

Photography by Northwest Dodge

Originally published in Cypress Lifestyle

No vehicle comes equipped for adventure like a Jeep Gladiator. The only open-air pickup in the industry, the Gladiator fuses legendary Jeep utility with intuitive technology and redefines what’s possible for a pickup truck.

“It really fits with what a lot of Texas families do, which is work hard and enjoy themselves,” says Ryan Hayes, sales manager at Northwest Dodge. 

2022 Jeep Gladiator High Altitude

Drivers can truly make the Gladiator their own with a fold-down windshield, fully-removable doors and open-air top options for off-roading adventures. Its best-in-class 4X4 1,700-pound payload gives you the freedom to bring your equipment, and 7,650-pound towing options lets you explore with big toys in tow.

1. Removable top and doors

Whether you’re off-roading or cruising down to the beach, taking the doors or the top off the Gladiator gets you more connected to the environment. 

2. Five-foot truck bed

Load up that dirt bike or four wheeler because this truck has the right capacity for just about all your adventuresome toys and gear. The tailgate has a unique tie-down system that allows you to fit a full-sized piece of plywood in the truck bed. 

3.Uconnect 4C Navigation with 8.4 inch Touchscreen

Never lose sight of your destination with this large touchscreen that keeps you connected. It’s easy to see vehicle settings, preview where you’re going through the intuitive Uconnect system.

4. Napa Leather Seats with Caramel Stitching 

Premium leather seats with caramel stitching add a sleek touch and make it easier to keep your interior tidy and clean. 


You can buy a Gladiator and make it look unique to you with these customizations. 

 1. Vehicle Lift Kit

Adding a vehicle lift kit gives your Gladiator both better form and function. The higher you sit the more easily you can travel across difficult terrains. 

2. 37-inch All-Terrain Tires

Bigger tires give you the ability to go through deeper water or mud. It also allows for better rock climbing.

3. Side Steps 

Make it easier for all members of the family to get in and out of a lifted vehicle with side steps. Some can double as a rock slider which can help protect your vehicle when rock climbing and covering difficult terrain.

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