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Apparel that Empowers Men

Inherent Clothier Builds Confidence and Self Expression

INHERENT is recognized for helping men find a personal style that empowers them to tackle daily life with confidence. The innovative digital menswear line tailors luxury apparel built to inspire authentic self-expression and an open conversation about men’s mental health.

Build a Personal Wardrobe

INHERENT helps men build a fully functional, versatile wardrobe that awakens inherent inner confidence and authentic self-expression.

Pairing the luxury of a personal tailor with impeccable service and the convenience of a digital concierge, the company offers online appointment bookings, as well as home, office or web-based custom fittings.

Literally, STYLE is defined as: “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.”

INHERENT defines STYLE as: classic lines with a vintage feel, fitted suits that compliment your frame, and attention to detail. Confidence is style, and we believe that the right suit can give you the confidence to feel stylish in any setting. We love to do a new take on vintage, a nod to 20th century fashion, but with a 21st century flare. 

Create Your Own Style

Start creating your style by finding a sports jacket you love and feel good in, then build out your outfit.

When creating your own style, think about colors you like for an added flare (men look great in a blush pink, try it!). Remember to get a more fitted pant; baggy is not stylish. A good dress shoe will bring it all together (try our classic brown double monk–it goes with anything!) 

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