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Are Hair Extensions All The Same?


Article by Sarah Hayek

Photography by Sarah Hayek

There are so many hair extensions to choose from. They vary widely in quality and cost. Today's article focuses on Hair Lingerie brand of hair extensions. Many consider Hair Lingerie to be one of most high quality hair extensions on the market. They tout being the world's best hair as it uses actual human quality hair. This is beneficial as it flows naturally into your existing human hair and looks and feels natural. Unlike other hair extensions, Hair Lingerie is not filled with chemicals. Plus, given the top quality, Hair Lingerie hair extensions can last from 9-12 months. There are other low cost hair extensions out there, and they do not last as long as Hair Lingerie. Thus, continuous purchase of new extensions leads to higher cost to the consumer in the long run. Hair Lingerie offers long term value for your hair investment.

Where can I get Hair Lingerie? Exclusive to Missouri, Hair Lingerie is solely available at The Red Beauty Salon located in New Melle, MO. Sarah Hayek, the owner of the salon, has been chosen as the only salon in the state to be able to offer Hair Lingerie. The Red Beauty Salon offers free consultations in order to educate, inform and assist in choosing the best product for what you are looking for. Book a free consultation online at

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