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Are you tax-diversified?

Dietz Financial Services can help you ensure a secure retirement that preserves your assets from unnecessary taxes

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Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Pretend you’re a corn farmer and it’s time to plant seed corn. The IRS shows up at your farm and offers you a proposition: Pay taxes now on the seed corn at a really low rate, or wait until the harvest and pay taxes on all of the kernels on all of the ears of corn at much higher tax rates. Which would you choose? If you’re currently investing in a pre-tax 401k plan, you’ve chosen to pay tax on the whole harvest of corn. How will that affect your retirement lifestyle?

While it may not feel like it, tax rates are at historic lows. With the monumental national debt and trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security), it’s very likely you’ll face much higher taxation rates on your retirement income, impacting your lifestyle and possibly causing you to run out of money.

Most Americans save for retirement via a 401k plan through their employer. The new tax law has reduced the benefit of deducting “pre-tax” contributions from your income, providing less immediate tax relief than previously. The government only gets one shot at taxing your income; therefore, you want to minimize taxes during your lifetime, resulting in more spendable income.

Jeff Dietz, of Dietz Financial Services, feels strongly that most people are taking far too much needless market risk for too little reward, while also exposing too much of their future retirement income to taxes. Jeff can help you create a retirement plan that maximizes your tax-free income stream as opposed to having a fully taxable one. He can show you how to enjoy most of the gains of the stock market and bypass all of the losses. If you have college-bound children, he can show you how pay for that without sacrificing your retirement, keeping those assets out of view of financial aid applications, and even reducing the borrowing costs to a bare minimum.

Your retirement could last 30+ years, so the time to plan is NOW! Jeff would love to be of service to you and the “future you.” Contact him today at 804-608-9775 or Be sure to request a complimentary copy of his Retirement Plan Strategy Checklist.