Are Your Emotions True or False?

Mastering Your Mood: The Power of Neurotransmitters

If you often feel depressed, anxious or stressed, know that you are not alone. Some negative feelings are unavoidable and even beneficial. These true emotions usually pass, or subside naturally, or can be relieved through counseling. But when rest, psychotherapy, prayer and medication have little impact, then we can suspect the “false mood.” When your brain has plenty of four highly specialized and potent kinds of mood molecules, it keeps you as happy as can possibly be. But if your brain runs low on these mood transmitters (due to genes, stress or lack of specific nutrients), it stops producing normal emotions on a consistent basis.

The four emotion generators in your brain are called “neurotransmitters.” Some of their specific names will probably be familiar to you: serotonin (natural mood booster), catecholamines (energizers), GABA (stress buster), and endorphin (enjoyment creator). Each of these four neurotransmitters has a very different effect on your mood depending largely on the availability of its particular amino acid fuel. A well-stocked brain generates true emotions. A poorly stocked brain creates false moods.

Luckily, the emotional tune-up that you might need is readily available. And it is nothing but specific foods and nutrient supplements. These brain foods, called amino acids, are concentrates of common proteins found in food. Just five or six of these aminos acids, taken as supplements, can effectively reverse all four of the brain deficiencies that cause false moods.

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