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Tom Crimboli, "Sea Serpent Bike Rack (Cecil)"

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Art City

Explore the uniquely fascinating outdoor art of Mount Clemens

If you appreciate art, you could explore a museum exhibition, or visit an art gallery.

Or you could just take a leisurely walk around Mount Clemens.

The art all over town is the result of a partnership between the Michigan Cultural & Economic Partnership (MCEP) and the Michigan Sculpture Initiative. Outdoor works created by local artists are almost everywhere you look.

“We saw this working in other communities and we wanted it in ours,” says Ed Bruley, MCEP board secretary. “The goal is to bring a better life to the community where we place the art.”

Begun in 2018 with 12 sculptures, the project has expanded every year. 34 works are scheduled to be on display in 2024.

The project is a source of pride for Matt Matthews, executive director of the Anton Art Center.

“Artwork throughout our community underscores that art should be accessible to everyone," Matt says. "It serves as a symbol for Mount Clemens: we are a vibrant, engaged, creative community.”

Julie Matuzak, MCEP chairperson, say formal tours include conference calls with the sculptors.

“25 people standing around the sculpture [might] have questions,” Matuzak says. “They can listen to the artist who created the work talk about it."

One of those artists is Mike Sohikian, creator of two of our featured pieces, "Butterfly Bell" and "Confessions." The project gave Sohikian the feeling of "gratification of successfully completing work that aligns with my vision—which rarely happens."

If you want to be a part of the Mount Clemens art explosion, Bruley says the MCEP is always looking for sponsors. “We welcome businesses and individuals to be a sponsor. If you’re a sponsor, you choose a piece of art that becomes a part of the collection.”

“Art enhances all areas of our lives,” Matthews adds. “The arts expand our knowledge of the world around us."

Simply put, in Mount Clemens, art isn't confined to galleries—it's a shared testament to the power of community. So wander the streets of your city. Feel the creativity that breathes life into every corner. These sculptures are more than just art; they are the heartbeats of a town united by imagination.

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