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Art Is for Everyone

Morgan Smalley Takes a New Approach to Art, Inspiration and Helping You Explore Your Own Creativity

Article by Camille Paterson

Photography by Emma Morem

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

Self-taught artist Morgan Smalley brings a new approach to her artwork by allowing others to engage not only with her creativity but to also experience their own. A true Seattle native, she decided to take her hobby and love of art and become an artist herself by producing an entire collection and hosting her own exhibition.  

“The only difference from me and someone else who wants to be an artist is that I do the art,” she says.

Her passion for adventure, nature, people, art and coloring outside the lines comes through her unique work with resin and alcohol Ink. She is currently working on a new collection inspired by the earth as well as some unique commissioned pieces of mountains.

Helping people explore their own creativity one of her greatest joys, she says. She supports people in doing this by hosting her own art classes where you get to experience your own art in action with good people and good drinks. Expect a lot of hands-on experience in Morgan's own home studio, teaching, lots of fun and the opportunity to be your own artist. She encourages you to “not shy away from taking that chance.”

For more information, visit MorganSmalley or on Instagram at @mksmalleyart.