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Artists & Businesses Collaborate in Downtown GP

Even as a young girl, Michelle Boggess-Nunley always knew she wanted to be an artist and a part of the art community. Last fall, the internationally-renowned artist became the new owner of the Posterity Art Gallery in Grosse Pointe Village. Now, she's planning a takeover. An Art Takeover, that is.

"We have a great business district here in downtown Grosse Pointe, and people really seem to enjoy it, but the one thing we're missing is art," she says. "I'm trying to make that happen."

One way Michelle is doing this is by organizing an art exhibit that will take place in many of the businesses in The Village. Along with indoor works of art, including sculptures and paintings, participants will also see art installations in some outdoor common areas.

"We'll have a little bit of everything from abstracts and photorealism to photography, sculpture, and mixed media," she says. "We have many different types of artists of all ages." Right now, the exhibit is open to ages 18 and up, but Michelle is also trying to get some space for youth artists.

The opening kickoff will be September 7th from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm, and the event will continue through the end of the month. There will be an illustrated map of The Village that will show all the participating businesses.

To make it interactive and even more fun, participants can enjoy other events, such as Meet the Artists get-togethers and an art-themed scavenger hunt. They can also vote for their favorite pieces. "The focus is for people to learn more about local businesses and artists," she says.

Michelle did something similar last year called the Art Collaboration Project, which was held in a gallery and only involved artists, not businesses. "It was so much fun, and we had such positive feedback that I figured we would make it throughout the Village this year. We also published a book about it [The Art Collab Project: 2022 Edition] last year. 

"I will probably make a book again this year showing all the participating artists' collaborations and the businesses' information."

She hopes to expand it next year to all of Kercheval. "Art is such an important part of a thriving community, and it brings people together and starts conversations more than anything," says Michelle. "Implementing this in our area brings people in. For a successful business district, you must have people outside the community learning about what's here and coming to shop. On the flip side of the coin, it's important for the people from the community to get out there and introduce themselves to each other."

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A few of the businesses taking part:
Posterity Gallery
Skye Salon & Spa
Village Palm
Ridge Crest Outfitters
J. McLaughlin
Susie at Home
Apple Blossom Baby
Village Nutrition
Glitter and Scotch
Savvy Chic Boutique

Some of the participating artists:
Jennifer Skruba
Mark Mardirosian
Tanya Palazzolo
Lyla O'connor
Brant Mclean
Cara Crawford
Vikas Relan
Toni Sisco
Anne Rogers
Kate Apple
Michelle Boggess
Jeannette Binkowski
Pat Tapper
Will Schippert
Nathan Johnson

Michelle Boggess-Nunley, born in Michigan, is an international artist, illustrator, and incredible maze maker. She is actually the Guinness World Record holder for the largest hand-drawn maze, which she used to raise money for local art programs.

She also created the popular series Wizard World: The Magical Land of  Illustrated Mazes and has authored and illustrated many children's books.

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