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Art with Heart

How artist Janel Raihl spreads love through art

Janel Raihl cannot remember a time before she was creating art. From her mother supplying her with the freedom and tools to create with many mediums, to her father helping her bring her sketches to life in his workshop.  

Now, her art can be seen throughout Las Vegas, and various places across the world. 

Raihl began showcasing her work with David Soto in a gallery in town, which led them both to partner together - soon combining a studio and gallery in 2022. Partnering with businesses, organizations and community projects with the Arts District of Vegas has also helped Raihl spread her work.

“The pandemic brought light to the need for togetherness, art, and community,” said Janel. 

In January 2021, during the pandemic, Janel was appointed Art Ambassador to Coprabel Belgium. Her first official sponsored project was a large heart-themed mural to help spread love and positivity - thus ‘Choose Love’ was created in February 2021. 

“However, I wanted to show others how they could do it at home. I started inviting people and soon nearly 100 people experienced the joy of painting at once,” said Janel.

Recently, Janel painted a mural on The Little Vegas Chapel. 

“Lipstick colors were picked for kisses, metallic colors for anniversaries, handmade spade stencils and hearts stamps, hand-painted diamonds, and more,” said Janel. “I painted sample designs on canvas and wood panels for them to pick their pattern. They also put hearts on the mural.”

The process took two weeks, with the paint all from Belgium.

“With my work, I hope to keep the conversations going on our current issues through the voice of the people displayed through art and creating art experiences. The joy, love, remembrance, positivity, and more,” said Janel. 

I hope people feel and connect with my art.

The power of art is universal and timeless.

Places you can see and experience Janel’s art in Las Vegas:

  • Art Wavy Studio, 107 East Charleston Boulevard, Suite 246
  • “Garden” at Voodoo Brewing Company, 1415 South Commerce Street
  • “Love Wall” at ForPlay Style House, 1230 South Casino Boulevard
  • “Hearts” at The Little Vegas Chapel, 1330 South 3rd Street
  • Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Road