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Arthritis Awareness

Is your daily life at the mercy of back, knee or joint pain? One-third of American adults suffer the chronic pain and inflammation of arthritis and related joint problems, a toll that accounts for more than 39 million physician visits and billions of dollars in pain medication each year. 

And yet, many of those appointments and pills could be avoided by one simple, inexpensive step: weight loss. Obesity and arthritis have both reached epidemic levels in the United States—twin trends that are no coincidence, experts report. 

What's the connection? Simple: The more you weigh, the more stress on those painful joints, especially the knees, hips, back and feet. There's a good reason doctors tell you to "keep weight off” an injured joint! Experts agree that less weight means less pain and may even preventjoint damage.

“Studies show small changes can be effective in reducing the impact of arthritis,” says Arthritis Foundation president and CEO John H. Klippel, M.D. The foundation's top recommendation for arthritis sufferers? Lose weight. Shedding as little as 11 pounds can reduce joint pain and help prevent some forms of arthritis by 50 percent. Researchers have found that weight is a major cause of degenerative arthritis of weight-bearing joints. 

One recent study at the University of Oxford reaffirmed the connection between overweight and osteoarthritis of the knee. The study also found that being overweight at an early age greatly increased one's later risk of osteoarthritis of the knee. “We're not the first people to find that, and I think it is now quite clearly, the single most preventable risk factor," says study author Ray Fitzpatrick.

So it's never too soon to get in shape. Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping active will also help protect your overall health and strengthen your joints, providing even greater relief and protection. 

Of course, no one should ever ignore joint pain, doctor's note. Studies show joint damage can occur early in some forms of arthritis, often within the first two years. If you are experiencing joint pain, see your doctor. For information on weight loss solutions and healthy forms of exercise for your body, call My Personal Trainer at 330.723.3009 or visit them online at For a limited time, My Personal Trainer is offering two free sessions to new clients and a savings of 25% when you enroll in one of their programs. Don't hesitate to call them today!