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Mobile Vet Brings Services to You

Urban Tails Believes Seeing a Vet Shouldn't Be Stressful for Pets

Most Coloradans would agree that pets are an integral part of Rocky Mountain living. Who doesn’t love a furry climbing buddy as you trek one of our 58 glorious fourteeners? A sidekick for those afternoons full of sunshine and craft beer on a brewery patio, or a purring companion on a cold winter night? For as often as we involve our pets in our day-to-day life, a trip to the vet can be a trying and unavoidably stressful endeavor.

A New Way of Practicing

After spending years working in a clinical environment, seasoned veterinarian Dr. Alex Arangua saw a need for a different way of practicing; a way that would benefit both pets and owners. In 2019, he opened Urban Tails Mobile Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs. Providing an array of services and even minor surgeries in the comfort of your home, Urban Tails has a priority of not only making their furry clients comfortable but their owners, as well. 

“It is our goal with this model to provide an environment where both the patient and owner are reassured and relaxed, eliminating so much of the unnecessary stress that comes with a trip to the vet,” he says. 

With more than 36 years of experience, Dr. Alex explains he has noted a major transformation in pets' responses and behaviors when they are treated in their home.

“Clients are amazed by how easy it is to control their pets when they are not confused and overly stimulated by the new environment they are exposed to in a regular veterinary clinic," Dr. Alex explains. “Our exams are stress-free, and clients enjoy seeing the 'behind the curtain' work that goes on.”

Relaxed Pets, More Accurate Vitals

Dr. Alex goes on to explain the benefits of your pet feeling relaxed during a home visit, “There are more accurate vitals, pain assessments, and we can see your pet in their natural environment, providing huge benefits when coming up with treatment recommendations and meeting behavioral and environmental enrichment needs.”

Urban Tails' services include preventive care, medical care, emergencies, senior care, at-home pet euthanasia, palliative and hospice care. They typically see pets Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. After-hour appointments are sometimes available.

The success of Urban Tails in just a few short years is not only a testament to the passion and caliber of their carefully curated team but also a demonstration of the many advantages of caring for your pets in a way that benefits them the most.

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Instagram: @urbantailsvet