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CEO & Founder of Colorado Women’s Center, Kendra Miguez, Answers a Reader's Question About Post-Pandemic Life

Colorado Women’s Center's mission is to help women find self-acceptance through therapy and counseling to create positive connections that will lead a more fulfilling life. With a focus on female empowerment, their therapists help women of all ages become who they were meant to be by knocking down barriers set by internal limitations. 

CEO and founder Kendra Miguez has spent many years in the field of psychotherapy and counseling, helping women access personal empowerment and freedom. Whether through individual or couples counseling, Kendra believes that anything is possible if you’re willing to put in the work necessary for transformation. 

Today she answers a reader’s question about adjusting to a new normal post-pandemic.

I feel anxious about being out and about in the world again, much more than I expected! Why do everyday tasks feel so overwhelming and exhausting?

Kendra Miguez: Connecting with others takes a great deal of energy—particularly for those that are more introverted. There was a comfort to going inward that the pandemic provided. There was less room for mistakes and judgment. 

When we are alone, we do not have anyone reflecting back our image. These reflections that happen when relating to other people are information on how to adapt to our environment. Without that information, we can feel scared and out of practice. Learning how to interact with the world again takes a lot of effort, which can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted. 

As time goes on, it will become easier. It’s important to remember that it’s OK to take your time as you find a rhythm of normalcy. Be mindful of how much you put on your plate and know that you are not alone, which ironically may have been one of the greatest lessons of the pandemic.