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Nate Stoll, service technician.

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Furnace Winterizing Tips with Nate Stoll from Standard Heating

Should I get maintenance for my new system?

Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance even if your system is under warranty. Parts are typically covered under warranty. However, regular maintenance often identifies issues early on. If a maintenance issue leads to a more significant problem not covered under warranty, such as a clogged condensate trap causing component failure, you may not receive warranty support as proper maintenance could have prevented it. Initiating maintenance early can extend your system's lifespan. Think of it like getting an oil change for your car. A small investment in our Smart Club can protect your system and save you significant costs.

I have a weird smell coming from my furnace when I first turn it on for the winter. What should I do?

If you notice unusual smells or sounds when starting your system in the fall, it's often due to burning off dust, dander, and debris. While this is normal initially, persistent issues require attention. Unusual motor noises can indicate impending failure. Perform a pre-season check by running your system, even in warm weather, to identify and address problems before winter sets in.

What about maintenance on my humidifier?

For homes with humidifiers, switch the damper to winter mode to allow proper airflow. Test your humidifier while the furnace is running, using the "test" mode to check the water panel. Replace the water panel regularly; our technicians carry replacements on their trucks, and we also can ship them directly to you.

How often should I change my filter?

A good rule of thumb is that filters should be replaced or checked based on their size – roughly every inch corresponds to how often they need changing or checked on. For one-inch filters, check or replace them monthly, and for four-inch filters, consider a replacement every four months, but the presence of pets, number of people in the home, and cooking frequency can all contribute to the need to check or replace filters sooner. 

Should I leave my fan on all the time, or have it switched to auto?

Leaving the fan on continuously can help distribute heat more evenly, especially in challenging spots that are not effectively heated or cooled. It also helps filter out dust and debris from the air, using one of the lowest fan speeds available.

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  • Nate Stoll, service technician.