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Get to Know Local Realtor Ashton Hixenbaugh

Why did you want to be a realtor?

I grew up around real estate, as my father is a top mortgage professional. I also love people and I love homes, so the thought of being able to meet new people and help them, all while seeing some amazing homes, all made sense to me. 

Do you help clients sell and buy properties?

Yes. Whether you are a first time home buyer or someone who has owned homes before and is looking to make a move, (upsize or downsize) I do it all.

Why do you love practicing real estate in Medina County? 

I love Medina. I have lived here since I was four years old, so this really is and has always been my home. It’s just a great feeling to help people buy or sell homes in and around my hometown.

What should Medina County residents know about buying a home right now?

I am beginning to see more homes coming on the market and it is predicted that we will have more inventory this year than last. Therefore, buyers shouldn’t face the crazy type of competition that there was in 2022. Homes are still seeing multiple offers, but I see more opportunity for buyers now than there was a year ago. 

What about selling their home?

I believe the most important thing that someone thinking of selling needs to know is that their home needs to be priced correctly. Regardless of the agent you are using, if it is priced too high, your home will sit with little to no interest. The longer your home sits unsold, the more likely it is to sell for less, and the timeframe to achieve maximum value is shorter than you might expect. 

Here is a quick story: I was called to a beautiful home in Brunswick toward the end of last year and the seller was set on a certain price. I explained that the market wasn’t the same as it had been a few months prior and that I didn’t feel the price they wanted was accurate. They were stuck on that price so I ended up explaining that I just wasn’t the right agent for them. Soon after, an agent from another company came in and agreed with the price they wanted. The house was listed and they ended up reducing the price two weeks later, and even then it sat for two more months until they finally pulled it off the market and decided not to sell. 

I do a lot of market research for my clients prior to listing their home. To me, it’s about a lot more than just getting the listing.

What makes your approach to working with local clientele different from other realtors in the area? 

I like to treat my clients' money as if it’s my own, and because of that way of thinking, it has allowed me to get my clients some really great deals. That is how I approach things and also why I believe I have had repeat clients and referrals. I am also never in a hurry to just “make a sale.” My clients homes are their biggest investment and I want them to always know I have their best interests in mind.

I also do extensive marketing. On every listing I take on, regardless of price, I have professional photos taken, video walkthroughs done, I reach out to all of my contacts and I put together a marketing plan for each home that includes utilizing social media platforms to draw in as many people as possible. I pay for and run ads for my listings to all surrounding areas through multiple social media channels and those results are also sent directly to my client so they too can see the interest we are generating. There are many more pieces to this than just putting a sign in the yard if you truly want to get the most for your home. 

What is your favorite quote?

“Everything happens for a reason.”

I truly believe that goes for anything in life including real estate and I’ve seen it first hand. 

If you want a certain home, and we put together a really great offer with great terms, and for some reason it just doesn’t work out, I truly believe there is a reason for that and something better will be coming your way.

What's one thing that you learned early on in life that has really stuck with you? 

That God works for the good of those who truly love him. In all aspects of life, there will be positives and negatives but everything will work for the better when you trust in His plan. 

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