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Getting your Home Ready for Spring/Summer

Q. When should we prepare our furnace/AC unit for the transition to Spring?

A. It is generally a good idea to consider doing some basic maintenance to on your air conditioning and heating system at the beginning of every season. You should prepare your home HVAC system for the spring/summer season around April to May.  

Q. What usually needs to be done? 

A. When getting ready to start your air conditioner for the first time of the season, you need to prep your system and ensure that everything is in working condition before turning it on. Without properly preparing your system, you could find yourself with high utility bills and an underpowered unit or, even worse, one that overworks itself and then fails. Some things that need to be completed are washing the condenser coil, flushing condensate lines, checking refrigerant levels, tightening all electrical connections, and replacing filters.

Q. How often should we have an inspection?

A. You should have you’re A/C Inspected in the Spring and Your Furnace in the Fall.  

Q. Do you have any advice for homeowners?

A. Make sure you change your filters four times a year and your thermostat batteries once a year.  

Firas Askar, Owner of Askar Heating and Cooling, LLC, 586-219-1979, askarhvac.com.

4 Tips to keep you and your home cool 

1. Keep your blinds closed, especially on north and west-facing windows.

2. Adjust ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer to push air straight down to help create a cooling effect. 

3. Close doors to rooms that you aren't using to keep cool air where you need it most.  

4. Change your lightbulbs to energy-saving ones. Incandescent lightbulbs produce a lot of heat. 

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