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Hear from local health professionals regarding COVID-19 testing, safety precautions, and patient advocacy during this epidemic.

Advocating for Patients

Elizabeth Fanning MSN, FNP-BC: Family Nurse Practitioner at Peak Internal Medicine

“From establishing a telehealth platform early on to incorporating outreach visits, the value our practice places on advocacy has enabled us to remain focused during the chaos, continue to care for the community and reach out to our most vulnerable and high-risk patient population.”


Dr. Charlotte Ellenbogen: Infectious Diseases Specialist, Western Infectious Disease Consultants

“We know that COVID-19 is primarily spread through direct contact with contaminated surfaces, and inhalation of virus-containing droplets and airborne particles. Therefore, adherence to strict hand hygiene practices, wearing a face mask in settings where social distancing is challenging, maintaining at least six feet of distance between people when out, and avoiding travel to and from areas where there is known significant community transmission is key.

Two recommended educational resources are CDC.gov and Covid.Colorado.gov for state and local information.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

"We have a weekly virtual meeting during which we review and discuss the latest scientific studies and research on COVID-19. This includes several of our Infectious Disease Pharmacy colleagues in the microbiology and critical care fields. Using telehealth allows our patients to remain in the comfort of their own home or skilled nursing facility to avoid travel and potential exposures.

It truly is beholden on all of us collectively to have a sense of social consciousness and responsibility. We really are all in this together.”

Testing for COVID-19

Dr. Jenni Tamblyn: Primary Care Physician and owner of Peak Internal Medicine

“We have been scouring the ways in which we could obtain the active COVID tests and the antibody tests, and to counsel our patients on the test characteristics. We began testing people in their cars to be able to serve our sick patients while keeping our clinic safe for our vulnerable patients. We have been offering antibody testing as well.”

Coping with Isolation

“It is difficult not to provide our usual therapeutic touch and be able to embrace each other. We are offering hope and treatment via telemedicine and have been reaching out with calls and emails to our patients that we are worried about. There is a saying that encompasses our mission in internal medicine: to cure sometimes, to relieve often, and to comfort always.”

Crisis Control

Dr. Colleen Foster: Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

“Managing crises is what we are trained to do, whether that entails education and reassurance or resuscitation and end-of-life care, we are that safety net. I encourage patients to seek medical attention if they have concerns about COVID-19, and I can assure patients that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe and ensure they are well cared for.”

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