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Beginnings KC tells us what we need to know for our buying and selling needs

What would you recommend homeowners do to prepare their house for sale?  

Make repairs you know you need to make or have just put off because we all procrastinate. Have us look at your home first to guide you on what to do. Depending on the price point, you may have to do less than you think. We can recover some of the money you will spend, but it is not a dollar-for-dollar exchange. There is a lot of value to timing the market. De-clutter to make your home spacious and showcase the things that drew you to the property when you purchased it. Make sure the home is well cared for and clean even if it not completely updated.  

What paint and carpet color selections do you recommend for homeowners when they are preparing to sell? 

We have a decorator we work with if the clients want professional assistance. Generally speaking, neutral grays like Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray or Repose Gray work with a cool or warm color scheme. Both are great neutral grays that still go well with brown tones.  

What home plan is the most sought after in Lee's Summit? 

It depends on the age of the buyer. First-time home buyers and younger buyers gravitate towards split and two-story plans while mid-life buyers are more interested in the reverse ranch. There are exceptions in each of those categories based on family dynamics. We try to tailor our searches towards each families’ needs. The multi-generational buyers are changing those floor plans [to suit their] needs.

What has been the most challenging aspect of selling real estate at this time?  

Inventory under or at the median price point in the KC Metro area, which is $227,000 and below. Drastic inventory shortages in the $150,000 range for young millennials to purchase. And the current pandemic situation makes everyone’s decisions all over the board.  

 What has been the most requested home amenity or latest trend?   

Buyers are looking for homes with space and outdoor amenities right now due to the fact that we have all recently spent so much time at home. Home office space is very desirable, too.  

 How has the current COVID-19 situation impacted buying and selling in 2020? What unique challenges does it present to the buying/selling process? 

COVID has affected the real estate process from a practical standpoint as far as scheduling appointments. During the buying process, agents previously could schedule overlapping appointments on highly competitive price points ($300,000 and lower). Quite often, we would be in a house with other agents and buyers in different locations in the home. Now we have to take more time to schedule appointments since there are no overlapping showings. This translates into more time spent scheduling appointments and more advanced notices to get into a property. This requires more flexibility from buyers for availability to view homes and more flexibility from the seller to be out of their home for the showings. For sellers, it means if they are currently living in their home, they need to disinfect the home when returning to their home. While agents and buyers are wearing masks and gloves, we still very much want sellers to be diligent in disinfecting the property to protect themselves. 

From a mental perspective, everyone has had emotional responses to the current uncertainty. It is expected to have the same type of uncertainty when making buying and selling decisions. We saw this more frequently during the decision-making process this spring. It makes it all the more important to have an agent be a reliable, trusted source of information who can help you navigate and stay on course to achieve your home selling/purchasing goals.  

We truly care about our clients’ overall well-being and try our best to provide a common sense approach to the transaction process. We personally coach our team members to do the same. We also spent a large amount of time during our quarantine checking on our clients outside of their real estate needs. 

Is Zillow a reliable source for real estate information?  

No, Zillow is free to the public because agents pay for the individual’s contact information. While it remains a useful general tool, it is always better to have access to the Multiple Listing Service through contact with a trusted agent. Zillow is a marketing site that does not have to abide by any governing body for accuracy on pricing or inventory. When it establishes a Z-estimate it is using a basic algorithm that combines all 4 bedroom, 3 bath homes in the entire city, regardless of location, condition, amenities in the neighborhood, etc.

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