At Home with Becky Hillyard

Creative Becky Hillyard showcases her love of a neutral color palette, rich textures and workhorse statement pieces that will grow with her family on her lifestyle site, Cella Jane Blog. Named after her grandmother, the internationally popular blog is a place where Hillyard finds connection and shares inspiration on topics of fashion, beauty, fitness, baby, motherhood and more.

Here, she offers a glimpse inside her Kansas City-area home. Clean lines are foundational, then layered with elements of elegance and texture to create an approachable style that’s simply Cella Jane.

What was your inspiration for your daughter, Sutton’s, room?

I fell in love with that mural and designed the rest of the room around it. I wanted her room to feel fit for a little girl but also have some mature design elements to last through her teenage years. I really took my time with her room to find the right pieces. She loves it and so do I. 

Greyson’s nursery has a soft yet masculine feel with the camel, black and white color scheme. How do you feel this space will grow with him?

When you invest in solid bases, these will last you through many, if not all the different stages of growing up. His dresser, mirror, and wall colors are things I will not have to change while his crib and chair are things that I will take out when he no longer needs them. This makes changing his room from baby/toddler to big boy not so overwhelming. 

What are your favorite colors and/or design elements to use in your home?  

I am known for my love of a neutral color palette. People always ask me how we can have light colored couches, rugs, pillows, blankets, etc. with young kids and a dog, but it's actually not as hard as you think! Now, I'm not saying that things don't get dirty or we don't have spills and stains, but it is not a daily struggle at all. Design-wise my favorite elements are anything that make our home cozy–textured rugs, pillows, throws and blankets.

Has motherhood changed your style at all? If so, in what ways?

Overall, I would say motherhood hasn't changed my style too much, besides dinosaurs and little figurines typically found next to a flower arrangement. Our family room ottoman opens up and holds toys, so we can open that up and play and then throw everything back in there and close it up. Sutton and Greyson's rooms and the basement are also main play areas and don't stay as "styled" as the rest of the house. 

You make great use of texture and old/new within a neutral color scheme. What’s your approach?

I am confident in my style, so I simply bring things into my home that I love. And I love cozy, neutrals and a variety of textures. Whether those elements have a new vibe or old vibe, I believe it will all work together if you love it. If you're not as sure about your personal style, then start with a color scheme that you know you love and work from there. Think about each piece in the room. Does it fit the color scheme? Do you love it? Does it add a necessary element (texture, height, depth) to the room or surface? If yes to all of the above, then it's a great fit! 

What are some ways you make a room feel fresh? (For all of us getting that spring decorating itch.)

Yes! Especially in the New Year, I have that itch to freshen up our main living spaces. It can be as simple as a new candle, rearranging my coffee table decor or changing out what's on the kitchen counter. I will say though, sometimes I feel overwhelmed deciding what to do/where to start. Enter the girls from Pink Antlers in Leawood. They now offer a styling service (Pink Antlers After Hours) to do just that: update your surfaces (books shelves, coffee tables, mantle, etc). I love that they work with pieces I already have, bring over new pieces from their shop, or personally shop for decor for me. It's amazing how having fresh eyes in your home and having them make a few simple changes can really freshen up and elevate a space. They understand my style, and I love everything in their shop, so it's a no-brainer for me to have them come over when I'm wanting to freshen things up, but I don't know where to start (or don't have the time to do it). 

What are a few pieces we can add to a room now for a quick update?

A new candle or adding plants and fresh flowers is my favorite way to make a quick update. Those things always catch my eye and make me happy when I walk into a room. Also, updating the pictures in your frames is something I don't do nearly enough, but I love it when I do. I also love a fresh stack of coffee table books. They add height and depth to your coffee table while keeping simple, clean lines. 

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