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Update Your Suburban Home Without A Major Reno; Try These Tips From Colorado's Own Havenly

Highlands Ranch was founded in 1981; Lone Tree was incorporated in 1995. Since then, interior trends have come and gone. While plenty of new construction options abound, those homes built early on still have lots of life left. If you are looking for a way to update a house built when the year still began with the numbers one and nine, look no further. Here are six tips to help your interiors feel 2023.


Lighting that creates a welcoming atmosphere

Lighting is one of the most significant impacts you can make in a room. Any lighting can illuminate tasks well enough, but the right balance of illumination from a combination of large and small lights — lamps and ceiling or wall fixtures — can give you just the right atmosphere and wow-factor custom to each space. In this design, we worked with an eclectic style that incorporated some thrifted pieces with antiques and new purchases, so it was paramount that the lighting followed the same style. By balancing a table lamp on one side of the sofa with a tall plant on the other, we got the light where we needed it and a larger-scale item to draw your attention through to the high ceilings, where another statement light is on display.

Varied materials

A curated variety of textures creates coziness.

Suppose your home is full of carpeted, rectangular boxes in need of some character, like many suburban homes in the South Denver metro area. Here is a way to add personality without significant renovation. Texture! These two spaces in the same home started with a blank, rectangular canvas, but to make them feel homier, we added natural materials and varied textures. Sustainability was top-of-mind for both spaces, so not only did the natural materials add some much-needed warmth to the rooms, but they did so with Greenguard Gold-certified woods, low-VOC fabrics, and minimal petroleum products. 



Poufs and stools that add versatility

Especially with work-from-home set-ups on the rise, the average family home often combines multiple functions in one room: choose furniture that serves more than one function to ensure everything is accommodated without cluttering the space. In this design, we turned a loft at the top of the stairs into a play space with adult seating and an extra sleeping area. The sleeper sofa and play/coffee table combinations add those adult-sized functions, but the stars of the show are the poufs and floor cushions that add the perfect kid-sized spot. They provide extra seating, a place to rest your feet, and even an area to rest a tray with beverages as needed, all at a scale that works for both children and adults.

Artwork and pillows

Pillows, artwork, and decor add a unique touch.

We needed to make a significant impact for lower cost in a basement room for this space, so we used minimal furniture to keep the area from feeling too tight. To personalize it from there, we layered in smaller details like pillows, bedding, and artwork. Hanging an organic macrame piece on the geometric wall treatment (one that only goes part of the way up the wall to help the ceiling feel taller) helps break up the rectangular shapes in the room, while the mirrors help the space feel visually larger. Choosing pillows of different shapes and scales adds that finishing touch and color pop without overwhelming the bed.

Wall treatments and decor

Paint and wall treatments that create character

Let’s just say it: Many basements are either dark and confined or empty and cavernous, but either way, they are usually devoid of much character on their own. Even without an extensive renovation, a new coat of paint or detailed wall treatment (like the brick veneer added along the back of this space) can significantly impact the space by adding character and architectural detail. The new textures and colors help it feel more inviting and friendly, and a creative layout can get around any structural hurdles. For example, we worked around the structural pole and central staircase in this room with an innovative layout, and we pulled attention from them by highlighting other walls. 


Rugs that define a space

Have a place at home that feels too large to lay out cohesively or a nook you aren’t sure what to do with? Lay down a rug to visually create a more defined area to connect your furniture pieces. A loft at the top of the stairs needed some love, so we added a bold rug as a feature piece. They’re an excellent opportunity for a color pop if you can’t paint. The rug connects all the details in the room to take the loft from a space you pass by to an oasis to sit and stay. Not sure what size rug you need? Err on the larger side. 


Lee Mayer co-founded Havenly in 2014 after moving from a small apartment in New York City to a multi-room home in Denver. She was faced with a personal need: She wanted to create a space for her family that fit their budget and reflected their lifestyle while feeling comfortable and beautiful.

Working with traditional interior designers seemed both expensive and inaccessible while pulling it together herself felt overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated. She realized there was an opportunity for a service that provided beautiful design more easily and affordably, making interior design accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of budget or circumstance.

You may know Havenly as an online, virtual design service, but in markets like Denver, they also offer in-home, in-person design. The online design platform's features are still available: inspo quiz, designer match, 3D renderings, an online buying platform, and a best-price guarantee. But instead of submitting photos and room dimensions digitally, a designer comes to your home to engage with you directly. The service maintains Havenly’s accessible pricing and access to a wide variety of vendors. Check out their in-person services or schedule a consultation at

A way to add personality without significant renovation. Texture!

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