At Home with Selina

Recording Artist Selina Albright and How She Makes it All Work

R&B recording artist Selina Albright calls many places home, and South Metro Denver is one of them. She spent formative growing and professional years here.

Albright’s latest single “Dishonest Smile” is currently on the Smooth Jazz and R&B/Soul charts. Her 2013 EP “Brighter” topped the UK Soul Chart for four weeks straight, and in 2020, she released two No. 1 hit singles “Discovering” and “Holding On.”

Under her belt are a number of collaborative projects and vocal features across many genres. She has recorded with artists such as Andrae Crouch, Peter White, Dave Koz, as well as electronic dance music DJs Manufactured Superstars, Forcing Function, and Vinnie Maniscalco. She's also recorded with her dad, Grammy award-winning jazz saxophonist Gerald Albright, who lives close by in north Douglas County.

Also notable is her extensive international performance history, which includes multiple international solo tours. She has shared the stage with a long list of musicians including David Sanborn, Eric Darius, Steve Cole, Chaka Khan, Maysa, and The Temptations. 

With her recent move back, she reflects on where she's been, where she is going and the love she carries with her along the way.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m R&B/Soul (and heavily Jazz influenced) Recording Artist Selina Albright.

Being raised in L.A. and exposed to the music business, I had a very unconventional childhood. Imagine witnessing your father as a professional musician and being present at most of his shows, no matter how late they were. Experiences like meeting powerhouse vocalists like Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan and seeing them off-stage in casual clothes and joining my father on tour, watching him from the side of the stage. At the end of one of his performances, as he walked off the stage waving to a standing ovation, wiping his drenched forehead with a towel, I realized that it was time for music to become more than just a pastime.

My musical education was the ultimate immersion program.

Who are your muses or inspirations?

Before she passed away, a friend of my parents saw promise in me and gave me a selection of her favorite CDs, artists like Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald. I didn’t know it then, but transcribing every inflection of their vocal choices for fun helped shape me into the artist I am today.

You sing to baby Ella on Instagram. How did that start, and why did you decide to share on Insta?

I sing to my kids throughout the day, but they’re always silly songs narrating what we’re doing, even bath time. 

One night, Ella was extra interactive before bed, so I wanted to sing her to sleep, and it only made her more energetic. She even started to sing along! I knew that my followers would get a kick out of it, so I made it into a “Name That Tune” format and let them have fun guessing the song while witnessing some cuteness.

Who makes up your fan base? Are they familiar with the scat style you sing on Insta? 
My fan base is both male and female, about 35 years and up. However, I’m finding that younger fans are starting to write about my music. I believe there is a new school of young listeners who are reaching back to the '40s for music that is fresh to them, and that excites me because good music is so timeless, and it’s designed to connect us all, no matter our stage in life.

You just relocated (back) to the South Metro Denver area. What prompted that move?
Denver was 100 percent a God move. My family and I were all set to relocate out of the country, which is still happening, but we got a strong message that we needed to make a pitstop in Denver first. Since we returned, we’ve welcomed baby Ella into our family, made some beautiful memories with our loved ones, and enjoyed Denver’s vibe. There’s something so sweet about waking up in the morning and raising your blinds to find that everything in sight has been dusted with powdered sugar snow or hearing a herd’s worth of deer hooves crunching through the snow.

As a mom of two and a professional musician who travels, how do you keep it all together and care for yourself?
Honestly? I’m unsure how I’m doing it as smoothly as I am. But I had an epiphany long ago that I only get one body and one life, so I’d better be intentional about caring well for both. I protect my body with hydration and fresh, healthy food. I pray and let God guide my steps. I stay in touch with my body and mind through rest and meditation. I laugh often and am intentional about who I spend time with. Aside from this, it’s a lot of divine intervention.

I’m also a huge advocate for mental health. Writing music used to be my outlet for processing tough emotions, but my high-volume life required more, and regular therapy has been the answer to living well. I highly recommend it to anyone who has it available to them.

Finally, I have a great husband who is aligned with me. We support one another’s passions. We divide and conquer when it comes to our two kids and the beautiful, chaotic dance that graces our day. So when either of us needs dedicated work hours or to travel, we trust each other to hold down the fort. It’s a tremendous gift to truly do life together!

Connect with Selina on Insta @selinaalbright or

What else do you want our readers to know?

I want you to know I appreciate the warm welcome back! You really know how to make my family feel welcome. Thank you for being down for my cause!

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