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At Home with the Looneys

When Jennifer and Mike Looney relocated to Roswell, the timing might have made others nervous. But, the newlyweds rose to the occasion and now have a beautiful home full of meaningful touches and comfortable design. 

Jennifer and her husband, Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent of Fulton County Schools, was thrown into the Covid chaos soon after he assumed his position of overseeing the education and well-being of more than 90,000 students and 14,000 faculty and staff members. 

"I was still living in Tennessee for two years and Mike bought the house right before Covid shut everything down, so that he could have a home base. Now that the housing market has gone insane, we are just biding our time to find our ideal home. I have two storage units of furniture waiting," says Jennifer.

Together, Jennifer and Mike constructed the porch swing during COVID as a fun project. "Everything about it is custom. We painted it blue to match the front door and then I had my workroom make the cushions and pillows from the fabrics that I selected," says Jennifer, a 22-year veteran of the design industry, and owner/designer of JLS Designs. She offers comprehensive services, from initial design and consultation, to the final installation. Her inspiring work can be found in homes for Fortune 500 executives, music and sports professionals and hundreds of families in the Nashville area. In 2021, she expanded her business to serve the greater Atlanta area. 

Although Jennifer has her eyes set on a more permanent dwelling in the area, she's enjoyed decorating the home and enjoys entertaining.

Next to the pool table is another bespoke piece. "I have a dear friend in Knoxville that is an artist and he did the flag for me. He customized it to add the words for my husband since he is a retired Marine. The artist's name is Mark Carson English - find him on Instagram!"

"The previous owners did some additional work to make our home a perfect entertainment house. They left the pool table for us to use and we have been practicing our pool skills! It's the perfect spot for FUN! Seeing how we are newlyweds and now live in the same state and home, we have done a good job of blending our lives."