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Atlanta Beers That Persevere

Three Beers That Persevered Through the Challenging Times of 2020

Article by Ale Sharpton

Photography by Photos courtesy of breweries

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

With the challenging months endured due to the COVID-19 epidemic, breweries especially in Georgia have made sure its residents stayed quenched with dedicated craftsmanship, stronger safety practices, newly formed stations for to-go orders, and the support of their surrounding communities. With the flow of income and constant flow of imbibers being compromised during the beginning months of 2020, here are three beers that still managed to thrive and stand out during these trying times.

Arches Brewing Low Viz IPA ABV: 7%

Since opening in 2016, Arches blessed Hapeville, Georgia with a brewery specializing in European-influenced lagers and ales, but once the talented brewer Justin Ramirez stepped on the scene and crafted this hazy IPA to serve the overwhelming demand for the style, the Low Viz has become one of their most popular brews. Juicy in flavor thanks to a trio of hops known to deliver flavors of orange, pineapple and stone fruit, the Viz also produces a smooth mouthfeel, thanks to Georgia-sourced malted wheat. Great stuff!

New Realm Lime of the Party Gose ABV: 4%

Kicking the door in grandiose fashion with a -foot brewing headquarters alongside Old Fourth Ward’s Beltline in 2018 followed by another location in Virginia Beach, their extensive portfolio of solid IPAs, stouts, wheat beers, and European-influenced varieties has been recently embellished with inventive interpretations of sours; the Lime of the Party Gose is one of the standouts. Presented with the concept of a drinkable version of a tart-meets-creamy key lime pie down to the notes of biscuit to replicate a crust, lovers of this dessert will experience liquid bliss.

Monday Night Brewing Lundi IPA ABV: 7.1%

Monday Night brewing has had a remarkable run since its inception in 2011, now enjoying two brewing locations on Atlanta’s westside, plus another in the works in Birmingham, Alabama. To add to their already acclaimed roster of IPAs, the 2019 launch of Lundi has quickly become one of the most revered beers for their growing legion of “Hop Heads”—lovers of aromatic, bitter-forward brews. Expect a presence of tangerine, grapefruit and a medium body with a slight haze to refresh palates at a sneaky 7.1% potency.

Ale Sharpton is a world-renowned beer expert who proudly resides in Atlanta. Visit his website at and Instagram at @realalesharpton.