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Attention to Detail and Helping Our Community

Chris and Megan

Meet Chris and Megan, the proud owners of CPR Carpet Cleaning in the Grand Valley. The two have been running the company since April 2021 after purchasing it from their long-time neighbors who formerly had the business for almost 15 years. Chris had spent time working with the company previously and when it was offered, he and his wife accepted the challenge of taking on a business during a pandemic.
They have risen to the task seamlessly and have not only kept the business running but have managed to stay quite busy! Chris said their priority is attention to detail, doing the most pristine work they can, and ensuring that when they take on a job, they are creating life-long customers. The business does both residential and commercial jobs with a focus on residential, including many senior citizens that they help whenever possible. It is important for Chris and Megan to do their part to help their community where they can, and give discounts to Armed Forces, Fire & Rescue, nurses, and other medical
professionals. Their belief is that many people in these careers do not get the recognition they deserve and it is their goal to show their appreciation in this way. Megan is a former EMT dispatcher and understands how difficult the job can be. A discount is a humble way to show men and women in their community that their work is appreciated.

Megan and Chris are the embodiment of a Colorado family. When they aren’t striving to create the best company they can, they are making sure to utilize the abundance of outdoor recreation the valley has to offer. Luckily, they live in a place where there is no shortage of activities! The two spend as much free time as possible with their five children in the great outdoors. The family owns two rafts as well as a few kayaks and they enjoy taking them on the Colorado River or camping on the Grand Mesa. If they aren’t hiking, camping, or enjoying the river, they try to incorporate nature through trips to the zoo or aquarium with their younger children.

After talking with Megan and Chris, even for a brief time, it is easy to be comfortable with them. They are friendly, kind, and relatable people who simply want to have a business that does good work they’re proud of while enjoying the Grand Valley’s outdoor resources with their kids. They seem to have figured out how to have an excellent work-life balance and are finding true enjoyment in both.

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