Attitude of Gratitude

A Gift That Keeps Giving

November we give thanks and are asked to share an attitude of gratitude. However, an attitude of true gratitude is something to be cultivated in our hearts and minds over time.

Gratitude is not about settling for what we have, making do without complaint, or thinking we should feel a certain way. In its purest form, gratitude is free of judgment and full of possibility. It is about acknowledging the things that contribute to us in our lives and appreciating them for what they are, no matter how big or small.

In 2014, I launched my first annual 30 Days of Gratitude for myself and my clients, inspired by the research of UPenn’s Robert Emmons. He demonstrated that an active gratitude practice noticeably increases happiness and overall WELLness, while decreasing perceived ailments. After 8 years of this practice, I can say it really works.

Could your attitude of gratitude use a reboot? A Gratitude Journal is a great start:

  1. Select a dedicated notebook
  2. 4-7 days/week note 5 things for which you’re grateful
  3. Reflect on how each one is a gift in your life
  4. Continue for at least 4 weeks
  5. Check-In: What do you notice?

As with any personal growth practice, allow space for grace. Some days will be easy. Other days, when things go sideways, it may feel more challenging.

In these times, suspend judgment and go back to basics. Who and what can you connect with in a meaningful way? Is the sun shining? Are you able to step outside for a breath of fresh air? Who has your back?

What you place your focus upon grows. An attitude of gratitude is an invitation to expand our capacity for receiving from everything around us. When we give thanks, the cycle of gifting and receiving is complete. The more we perceive gratitude as a practice and way of being, the richer and more rewarding our experience of it becomes.

Download your complimentary Gratitude Journal at

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