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Aurea IV Hydration Spa

Our goal at Aurea IV Hydration Spa is to encourage people to maintain their wellness and wellbeing.  Our hydration, vitamin and mineral levels all affect our day to day lives.  When we ignore them, because life and work tend to get in the way, it is to our own detriment.  The genesis of Aurea is to help patients address things like low iron and Vitamin D deficiencies in a spa setting at a medical grade facility.  If a patient wants to unplug and unwind, all of this is done in a relaxing atmosphere with views of downtown Houston.  We also offer services in a lounge that is also designed for a group setting.

Our patients are encouraged to be involved in a collaborative approach with our staff and determine what suits their needs best.  A full medical history and vital signs are taken before each treatment. There are several options to pick from, but our most popular IV bags include Alleviate, which contains magnesium chloride and calcium chloride and addresses symptoms such as bloating and fatigue; and our Mineral Blend contains magnesium chloride and zinc sulfate, and has been used to help relieve migraine-like symptoms.  Like most vitamins, even the multivitamin purchased over the counter, these treatments have not been verified by the FDA and everyone responds to treatments differently.  That being said, the experience is generally a positive one for those who have tried IV hydration supplemented with vitamins and minerals.  We also offer Vitamin D, B complex and other injectable for patients seeking a boost.  

 We encourage questions and consultations, so please contact us at 713-804-DRIP and set up your appointment today.

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