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Authenticity Is a Way of Life

Ted's Montana Grill Offers Guests an Authentic American Dining Experience

In January 2002, bison rancher, Ted Turner, and restaurateur, George W. McKerrow, founded Ted’s Montana Grill and opened their first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. The duo founded Ted's with one key initiative in mind – save the species of bison by educating consumers about its taste, health and environmental benefits, thereby creating demand for bison and making it a viable commodity. But the vibrant and relevant restaurant concept was conceived not only to save the species from extinction but also to build a restaurant company that brought forth the values of the Great American West, where genuine hospitality is a virtue and authentic food is always on your table.

Over the years, the popularity of bison took off, demand increased and Ted’s grew with it. Since 2002 the company has expanded to 43 restaurants in 16 states and enhanced its menu offerings. The carefully crafted menu today features Certified Angus® Beef, National Bison Association-certified bison, chicken and seafood dishes. Offering a choice for nearly every palate, guests can find twists on time-honored favorites including steaks, meatloaf, pot roast, roast chicken, short ribs, roast turkey, crab cakes, pecan-crusted trout, cedar plank salmon, burgers (bison and beef) and vegetable sides. Every dish is made from scratch and prepared to order. Additionally, there are no microwaves or petroleum-based products at Ted's and the only freezer on each premises is for ice cream.

Serving fresh and delicious all-American fare is just one of the fundamental principles that Ted's wields to provide each guest with a remarkable dining experience, as they also take great pride in extending first-rate hospitality. From a bowl of half sours to their two-dollar bills, each team member is encouraged to deliver Big Sky Moments in ways that are natural and effortless to their guests. 

Ted's is also extremely dedicated to conservation and sustainability. Aside from pioneering to restore and later preserve the bison population after being over-hunted for decades, their environmentally-conscious practices extend into many other areas. For instance, they are committed to sourcing from local growers, serving beverages with paper straws to reduce their plastic waste and stocking their restrooms and kitchens with sustainable Boraxo soap.

Finally, bison is likely the most important element of the Ted's experience – it is what the restaurant was founded on, after all. It is the cornerstone of Ted's menu and is served there more than any other restaurant in the world. Because it has such a diverse flavor profile, it can be used in a variety of dishes – from a traditional hamburger or steak to the more complex bison brisket or short ribs. Bison is extremely nutrient-dense, offering an excellent source of lean protein and iron; one serving is leaner than beef, chicken, pork or salmon, and is higher in iron. Aside from its health benefits, bison is tasty – it presents a rich, mildly sweet taste profile that is not gamey. Additionally, bison are minimally processed; and the majority of Ted's bison are raised at their 15 privately-owned ranches in Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. 

From their uniquely-crafted menu featuring all-American favorites to their commitment to sustainability and bison conservation, Ted's serves the great American ideal on a silver platter. For more information about Ted's and their conservation efforts, visit Visit their Charlotte location at 7404 Waverly Walk Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28277.

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