Autumn Adornment

Easy DIYs to Bring Fall to Your Home

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones 



Cinnamon essential oil 

Resealable food storage bag 

Small spray bottle 

Clear dry craft glue 

Disposable craft brush 

Ground cinnamon 

Airtight container (optional) 

Method 1: Cinnamon Essential Oil Spray 

1. Add about 20 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 1/8 cup of water to the spray bottle. Shake well. 

2. Spray pinecones.

3. Put pinecones into resealable plastic bag and spray lightly with the solution. Shake the bag to help distribute the fragrance. Repeat this step 2 more times, making sure that all the pinecones have been sprayed. Take care not to overspray! You don't want them too wet. Seal and let fragrance infuse. 

4. Finally, seal the bag and leave the pinecones to fully infuse the scent. We suggest leaving them for 4 weeks for maximum effect, spraying again with the oil solution again after 2 weeks. 

Method 2: Ground Cinnamon and Glue 

If you want instant results rather than waiting weeks, this glue-on method takes far less time—although a little bit messier! 

1. Coat pinecones with glue. 

2. Using the disposable craft brush, thoroughly coat one of the pinecones with a thin layer of glue. Work fairly quickly so that the glue remains tacky and doesn't dry out before the next step. 

3. Sprinkle the entire glue-coated pinecone with cinnamon evenly all around and in between the crevices. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all pinecones. 

4. Remove the excess cinnamon by individually shaking each pinecone or placing all of the pinecones in a sealed container and shaking gently. Once the glue has dried, your cinnamon-scented pinecones are ready.  

Directions from EHow.com. 

Magnolia Pumpkin 


Faux white pumpkin  

Faux magnolia leaves and blooms  

Glue gun 


Gold metallic paint pen 

Glitter, mini gold beads and glue (optional)


1. Pull off the flowers and leaves from the stem, arrange them like a bouquet, and then hot glue them to the top of the pumpkin. If the leaves get a little unwieldy, use the hot glue to make them stay where desired.  

2. Optional: Glam it up! Add glitter or beads to the middle of the flowers with some glue paste. 

3. Add a festive fall phrase with hand lettering or a stencil. Sketch with a pencil on the pumpkin, using a magic eraser for erasing because a regular eraser leaves residue, and then trace with the paint pen as many times as needed to acquire your desired look.  

Directions from LollyJane.com/DIY-Magnolia-Pumpkin 

Falling Leaves Garland 


Artificial leaves 


Elmer’s glue 


Single hole punch 



1. Use a paintbrush to apply Elmer’s glue to each leaf. 

2. Sprinkle glitter over the leaf. Let the glue set and then shake off the excess glitter. 

3. Punch a hole at the top of each leaf and attach a ribbon that you can tie to a large ribbon strand. 

Directions from HouseOfJadeInteriorsBlog.com 

Canning Jar Lid Pumpkin


Canning jar lids of the same size 


Cinnamon sticks 

Burlap leaves 

Spray paint (optional)


1. Optional: If you like the rustic quality of the tarnished gold and silver lids, you can skip this step. If you would prefer a more colorful look, spray paint the lids white or orange and let dry before continuing. 

2. String together the lids, tying the string tightly.  

3. Stick some cinnamon sticks in the center and added a couple of burlap leaves. 

Directions from YellowBlissRoad.com/Canning-Jar-Lid-Pumpkin 

Give Thanks Picture Frame 


10 2-by-4-inch gift tags

Picture frame (example is 10 by 13 inches) 


Mini clothespins 

Stick-on letters 

Strong tape or hot glue 


1. Remove the frame backing. Remove the glass and discard. You can choose to use the frame backing as the craft background or you can add a pretty piece of paper as the background by gluing or Modge-Podging it on the frame backing. 

2. Attach stick-on letters to the gift tags. Make sure these are on tight. You may choose to use super glue to make sure the letters will not fall off. 

3. Attach the gift tags to the ribbons with the mini clothespins. Make sure you space the gift tags out correctly so everything looks even. 

4. Line up the ribbons where you want the tags to fall and then wrap the extra ribbon around to the back of the frame backing. Hot glue or use strong tape to connect the end of the ribbons to the back of the frame backing. 

5. Close the picture frame like you normally would by pressing down the clips. This will connect the frame backing to the picture frame. 

Directions from SincerelyJean.com/Give-Thanks-Picture-Frame

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