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New Laser Treatment Safe Year-round for All Skin Types and Ethnicities

Laser resurfacing has been one of the standard treatments to address skin imperfections and to rejuvenate skin for over a decade. However, most laser treatments leave the skin barrier compromised with significant downtime.

In addition, ideally, these treatments are performed during the fall and winter months to avoid excess sun exposure. Plus, not everyone is a candidate for many laser treatments depending on skin type, tone, and color. 

H-MD Medical Spa recently introduced the newest addition to their treatment line-up, the Lutronic ULTRA™ Laser, a little-to-no-downtime skin-resurfacing laser safe for all skin types and ethnicities.

“This device uses a “true Thulium” laser that uses cutting-edge technology to create tiny thermal zones in the skin, prompting the body to quickly generate new tissue that offers ideal permeability without ablation. 

"In layman’s terms, that means it will not leave you more photo-sensitive or susceptible to sun damage post-treatment,” says H-MD Medical Spa’s Jennie Hunnewell, M.D. “This is a game changer for our hot, Oklahoma summers!”   

The ULTRA™ is not only great for facial skin rejuvenation but can be used anywhere on the body, including the scalp. For example, the ULTRA™ treatment for the scalp uses a breakthrough technology for thinning hair that is less invasive than other treatment options. The standard treatment for hair rejuvenation is a three-month protocol, and patients will continue to see their results improve for 12-18 months. 

“The ULTRA™ Laser requires little to no downtime and can treat sun damage, melasma, pigmentation, texture, tone, and thinning hair,” Dr. Hunnewell says.

So, what can you expect for your first treatment? 

“At H-MD, we always want you to be as comfortable as possible,” she says, explaining that patients are given a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to keep them calm and relaxed. 

“Patients have described the treatment as a warm, tingling sensation,” she added, noting that the appointments take 45 minutes, with the treatment itself ranging from only 20-30 minutes. 

“Immediately following the treatment, you will notice some redness similar to a sunburn, and over the next five to seven days, your skin will have a sandpaper like texture. This is normal and will resolve as your skin exfoliates, revealing fresher, clearer skin,” Dr. Hunnewell elaborated, adding that patients can then expect to see visibly brighter, more even tone and improved skin texture. 

City Lifestyle readers are invited to schedule a complimentary consultation to see how the Lutronic ULTRA™ fits into their ideal facial treatment plan. 

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