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How to Stay Sharp in Today’s Business World

Midlothian Lifestyle brought together some of our favorite guys for an evening at Stumpy’s Hatchet House in Richmond. While putting their axe throwing skills to the test, the conversation turned to staying adaptable in our every-changing world of business. These professionals know what it takes to not just survive, but to thrive in their industries. We asked them to share how they stay mentally sharp and always honing their skills. Here’s what they had to say.

Daily Routines to Keep Your Professional Skills Sharp

Steven Casupanan of SC Marketing Group and founder of the Colorado Fund for Muscular Dystrophy nonprofit reminds us that, “…it’s important to invest in yourself first if you truly want to make an impact on others.”

Integrating continuing personal and professional education into daily work tasks is a strategy utilized by many professionals. Matthew Bricker of Coastal Patio Furniture & Sales shares, "While I’m working on furniture, I listen to audiobooks. I focus my education to business, finance, leadership, sales, and marketing. I am addicted to personal growth.”

Justin Kendall of Pestmaster Services adds, “I always spend at least 90 minutes daily on personal development to remain an expert in my space.”

Dusty Walker of Freedom Boat Club shares, “I find that writing my goals, both personal and business, is extremely helpful.”

“The game-changer for me has been Monday morning Deep Work blocks for strategic thinking and working on the business,” says Steve Perkins, founder of Greenhouse.

Professional Benefits of Authenticity

Naylor Taliaferro of LCR Media knows that owning your authenticity opens doors to new opportunities. “I have been invited to many events to speak at or host and given many products to help grow my business, in exchange for content.

“Authenticity is one of our core values, but has also created most of our word-of-mouth growth,” says Steve.

Steven agrees, “Having a sense of transparency and “being real” has helped me develop rapport very quickly in all of my business and professional endeavors.”

How to Use Your Sphere of Influence 

“I make it a point to leverage my own social media to keep my sphere aware of what I do,” says Dusty. “In addition, I try to find ways to help them in their own endeavors- without asking for anything in return.”

Naylor explains, “I look for opportunities that I can connect and work with a brand that will mutually benefit my business and everyone that I influence.”

“Providing quality customer service is extremely impactful in so many ways,” says Matthew. “I don’t just answer all their questions, I make sure their experience with us is unlike any other.”

Turning Online Platforms to Your Clients’ Advantage

“I have made a whole series of videos posted to YouTube that show all the ins and outs of our service, says Dusty. “These videos also cover common questions that are asked by member prospects.”

Matthew explains, “We have many ways to keep in touch with our clients. One major way is our customers can text us. As simple as that sounds it is extremely underutilized by other businesses. I can talk to my customers, in a less formal way then email, all day long.”

The shift to more online interactions and activities offers the opportunity to expand the services and benefits available to clients. Justin shares, “We have portals that we can communicate and accept signatures and payments through. Our clients typically do not need to be home for our service unless the specific issue is inside.”

Using Mindset for Success

“Our thinking tends to be framed by our experiences, and if you don’t have your mind management in check, it can work against you and your vision,” says Steven.

Naylor agrees, “Mindset is everything. My social media content regularly focuses on staying positive and ways to achieve that.”

Steve adds, “I use a system of aligning vision, goals, and weekly priorities so the urgent doesn't always crowd out what matters and moves the business forward.”

“I was a bomb disposal technician in the Army for 10 years with 5 combat deployments overseas, so staying focused and in-control was a matter of life and death,” shares Dusty. “My advice to others would be to create a written plan with step-by-step actions to take towards well defined goals- post that plan on the wall so you can see it every day.”

Justin shares, “Having a growth mindset has helped me to accept rejection and move-on. I am able to keep moving toward my goals.”

“To completely have a focused vision powered by a positive and unbreakable mindset you must find your WHY,” explains Matthew. “I have my WHY and it will never change, it is rooted deep in my heart, mind, and gut. I will continue to be successful because NOTHING IS GOING TO STOP MY “WHY”!!!”

Growing Others’ Confidence and Skills

Steve uses his skills as a business and leadership coach to, “help others get clarity on what they're uniquely good at, as well as how to structure their time more effectively to use those strengths.”

Fostering an environment for personal and professional growth is invaluable to any organization. “​I coach and empower my team with the same tools that have made me successful,” says Justin.

Dusty provides, “continuous training to my team to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. I also help them make a written plan on how to meet and exceed their own personal and professional goals.”

Networking is another avenue through which to support others. “I make sure I participate in as many opportunities as possible to meet new people,” shares Naylor. "I have a knack for connecting people together that I've met over time.”

Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Steve says, “Be intentional with your time and design your ideal calendar! Your time is the most important asset in the business, and it becomes harder to control over time, if you don't build in habits from the start.”

“Stay consistent in everything you do; this isn’t going to happen overnight. Continue to grow, be teachable, and learn,” advises Matthew.

Getting your business started can be daunting. “It can feel like you are on an island all by yourself,” says Naylor. “Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. You are not alone!”

Steven recommends, “Find someone that is where you want to be (in business and/or life) and learn as much as you can from them.”

And finally, Justin assures us, “There will be challenges and with the right mentors and team in place the dips will be smaller and the trajectory will overall remain upward.”

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