AZ Goat Yoga - The Original and the Best

G.O.A.T. - AZ Goat Yoga is the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) and still thriving in Gilbert

Arizona Goat Yoga was created in 2015 by owners April Gould and Sarah Williams. It has since then grown across the world! “Honestly, we kinda started it to be funny.” April and Sarah both have quirky personalities and are always coming up with fun ideas. 

April has had goats for 16 years.  Every goat is precious and they all have their own personalities. Many people probably don’t realize this. You may think of a goat as simply a farm animal who grazes in the grass and is used for milk and cheese. They are much more than that! They are our beloved pets. We care for them as one may care for their cat or dog.

Baby goats are the cutest animal you have ever seen! When they are babies, they have so much energy and frolic around. They start to walk as soon as they are born and by the next day they are jumping all over. Gilbert Lifestyle had the opportunity to visit when the spring babies were learning the ropes.   The day we visited we think there were 17 babies hopping about but honestly they were hard to count. 

The idea came when April was training for American Ninja Warrior and having fun doing push-ups and squats with her goats.  The idea of goat yoga came as inspiration.  She was making her application video, when she felt the need to put the goat on her back and do a pushup with him. As a silly idea she felt it was perfect to help her stand out to all the 70,000 other applications. She would do push ups and squats with her goats on her back! With the help from her children, she was able to teach them to jump up on their own, on command! They dubbed her as the “Goat Whisperer”, and yes she made it on the show. April received a special spotlight feature about her and the goats. 

Sarah Williams was a huge part of the coming together for Arizona Goat Yoga. Sarah teaches paddle board yoga during the summer.   When winter came, not as many people were braving the pools to do yoga.  She was thinking of some ideas that she could do with yoga to keep her business alive for a few months, until it warmed up. She knew April had extraordinary goats and was training with them. That is when she had the crazy fun idea to put them together… Goat Yoga! 

Arizona Goat Yoga is the very first goat yoga created. The Goat Yoga craze was launched right here in the East Valley. is the first goat yoga, original goat yoga,

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