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Chilly nights, crisp mornings, and pumpkin spice wafting through the air - fall is here and so is the holiday season. Soon, festivities will be underway as will the pursuit of the magic of the season.

It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and forget how to enjoy the season. Often there is family to host, food to prepare, shopping, and parties; it is also hard to find time for yourself. From cookie decorating parties to school performances and exchanging secret Santa gifts with co-workers, the stressors can build up.

The key to a joyful holiday season isn’t just advance planning and organization. It starts with taking care of yourself and those around you. Slow down and take time out. Simplify your lists in the order of importance and strategize accordingly. Take a moment to appreciate the season and the blessings surrounding you.

Say yes to what fills your bucket, like placing self-care on your to-do list. To help, we have an idea for a little pampering yourself for the holidays. Go ahead and give yourself permission to indulge and the best way is to treat yourself to a trip to the Salt Sanctuary in Boise.

According to owner, Christina Baylis, Salt Sanctuary is all about nurturing the mind, body, and soul with gentle, natural healing modalities helping to relieve stress and restore our guests with a sense of well-being. I asked her to explain the services.

1. What are Salt Sanctuary's top services?

Halotherapy is at the core of everything we offer here. Halotherapy has been proven to help reduce stress and keep the respiratory system clear and healthy.

We also specialize in Face Lift Massage, a unique and pampering treatment. The focus is on releasing the tension in the facial, neck, and shoulder muscles.

The Holidays bring forward the need for self-care more than ever! When stressed about shopping, cooking, buying, decorating, etc., it sometimes takes the joy out of the holidays. Self-care is key to embracing the true spirit of the holidays with gratitude and generosity of spirit.



2. Do you have any tips for preparing to visit Salt Sanctuary?

Before coming for a visit here, it is best to be well hydrated, dressed comfortably, and not in a hurry for the next thing. As with all massage, it is best to arrive with an empty stomach to get the maximum benefit of the therapies.

3. Should reservations be made, and how far in advance?

Our massages get booked a few weeks in advance. Reservations are also recommended for halotherapy visits.

4. Any further tips that you would like to mention?

We offer a family room that the little ones love as buried treasures are found on the salt floor. Beach blankets and toys are available to use as well as books and blocks for quiet creative play. Parents get a break, and the littles have fun. 

We also offer crystal bowl sound healing sessions in our treatment rooms. Sound therapy combined with halotherapy is an extraordinary experience. Sound therapy helps balance and help to clear the mind.

We do not allow any electronics into the rooms as they interfere with the negative ion therapy that is also happening in the treatment rooms. Gadgets can be left at home or in the car, or they are turned off and left in baskets until the session concludes. Gift certificates are available on the Salt Sanctuary website.

Halotherapy — which literally translates to salt therapy — has been linked to improved respiratory health and a decrease in depression.

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