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From Holiday to Winter: Home Decor Ideas


Article by Heather Markway

Photography by Heather Markway

While the excitement of the new year settles and the holiday decor has made it's way back into storage, your home can look bare and feel empty. While the outdoors are a bit brown and there is little sign of life, how you can spice up your outdoor decor when it's clearly too bitterly cold to keep seasonal plants alive?

I've gathered some of my favorite elements to use in adorning outdoor spaces during the winter months. These items will keep things feeling cozy until the warm of spring arrives and allows you to liven things up with color. If you're lucky, you may even have some of these items leftover from your holiday decor that can be repurposed for your winter space.

Nature's Textures

When there isn't much natural color happening in winter, you've got to rely on texture for interest! Forage your home landscape for items you can utilize in planters and wreaths, or pick them up at your local garden center.

  • Birch logs
  • Pine cones
  • Ornamental grass plumes
  • Dried hydrangea flowers 
  • Evergreen branches or bows (if your leftovers from the holidays are crunchy and brown, consider buying fresh or investing in faux to get you through the winter months.)


Lights aren't just for the holidays! With shorter than normal days, you and your neighbors may only being seeing your outdoor decor in the early morning or late evening hours. Add light to your space, which not only provides a beautiful aesthetic, but safety for guests as well.

  • Lanterns
  • Twinkle lights

Additional Elements

To add to the fun textures of nature, you'll want to incorporate other home decor items to bring together a cozy space.

  • Planters
  • Layered door mats
  • Outdoor pillows

See the photos below for some ideas to incorporate into your own home. For more inspiration go to or follow me on instagram @lifegardenstyle.

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