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Divine Design is in the Details


Article by Gabrielle White

Photography by ML Interiors Group

“We pray a merry Christmas, made bright by merry cheer - with peace, and hope, and gladness, and all they may hold dear” (L.A. Frane).

This holiday season, ML Interiors Group wishes you and your family a wonderful celebration of laughter, joy, and love this December - and hope that your home is filled with abundant warmth. As a team who values time together with loved ones, we know what it means to find happiness in the details of any good interior design. That’s why with every seasonal observance, ML Interiors Group goes above and beyond to deliver elegant designs suited to fit your holiday preferences.

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Finding that delicate balance between polished and intimate can sometimes prove to be difficult, but with the right eye (and design team!) behind you, blending your current interior design with holiday decorations can go off without a hitch. Peep the detailed ornamental choices in this design, as iridescent tinsel and crystal look-alike elements make this tree sparkle!

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Not to mention the tasteful reflective pieces and bits of succulents to add a more earthy appeal to this holiday design. Crystal continues to make an appearance through the additional novelties seen in selective areas within this space.

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And if your holiday style is a bit more on the “wild” side, we’ve got you covered there, too! Fun animal-printed ornaments and antler “skirt” and topper stand out in the most playful of ways, highlighting the quirky style of this client while still allowing intentional interest to this stair landing.

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With so many options out there for sharing your holiday style, it’s no wonder that this truly is one of the happiest seasons of the year. And with designs this good, you may even find an extra house elf or two waiting to join in the festivities!

Good design tells a story. Let us tell yours.

ML Interiors Group specializes in New Construction, Decorating, Renovation and Full-Service Interior Design - all available with the greater DFW Metroplex. Give us a call today!

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