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Article by Renee Donnell

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It is easy and common to sometimes find yourself disconnected from your purpose, unsatisfied with the state of your body, and engulfed by stress, exhaustion, and left with a lack of motivation and energy. Making your health a priority is the first step to rediscovering who you are, along with finding your confidence, joy and strength again.

Health and wellness are the keys to improving your life, and they are essential ways to invest in yourself. Pursuing the best version of you and your wellness include 10 important pillars:

-Deep Sleep: Sleep is the best indicator of your quality of health and energy you will have throughout the day.

-Assess the Stress: Stress is the leading initiator of disease and sickness.

-Stay hydrated: Drinking enough water is vital.

-Keep Moving: Movement is necessary for strength and mobility.

-Live Consciously: Listen to the cues of your body and honor your values.

-Eat Empowered: Make healthy food choices and eat for energy.

-Nurture Yourself: Make time for what is important to reach your goals, and practice gratitude.

-Focus on Love: Invest in meaningful relationships and quality connections.

-Get Outside: Nature and sunlight is healing and inspiring.

-Breathe: Pursue stillness, peace and clarity.


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