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A Note About Our Office


Article by Dr. Laura Ross

Photography by Mark Hill Photo

At KPP we aim to create a space for healing. As PTs of course we are focused on physical healing, but we also know that making a safe and comfortable space for your nervous system to calm down is an important part of the journey. If you are a person that has had less-than-ideal, or even adverse, experiences in medical offices before - please be assured that our vibe is different.

We have taken great care to make a calming and welcoming physical environment. From the moment you walk in our space has lots of natural light, plants and comfortable chairs. Our staff will greet you by name and quickly get to know you by face. We have books to peruse (and borrow from our library) and you can put a few pieces into our jigsaw puzzle.

All of our sessions begin in private treatment rooms. You’ll see more natural light and be able to discuss your reason for coming in discreetly. Our exam tables all have warmers and you won't find any stirrups in this office.

The gym space has one of the best views of the Atlanta skyline and we have all of the equipment you need.

Beyond the physical space we also create a safe space with inclusive paperwork and signage. Our paperwork has blank spaces, rather than a drop down menu, to write in your name, pronouns, what you name your own body parts and to tell us a bit about what has brought you in to see us.

True healing is a holistic process. We are confident that our environment is one where you’ll feel safe, feel heard and able to be yourself - and that this environment is the best place to achieve your goals.

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