Why Diets Don't Work


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Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

It's time to stop the fad diet madness!!

I posted a reel the other day on Instagram basically talking about how I made really poor choices back in the day. The poor choice of drinking Slim Fast at my 8th grade lunch table. This reel got over two million views!!!! What's even more crazy is I had 100’s of women commenting sad stories about how they had a similar scenario with Slimfast and diets when they were a young teenager! Someone even commented how they were drinking Slimfast in the 4th grade!!! 

I want to be shocked by this, but honestly I am not surprised one bit. I am in my young 30’s and I grew up in an era with my parents and every adult going on a “diet”. I remember people drinking Slimfast, drinking wheatgrass smoothies, joining Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, taking weight loss meds, etc. All holiday events were aunts and even my grandma talking about their diet and weight. We were surrounded by influencers, celebrities, friends, family that strived to be skinny. It was infectious. 

Do you know what's interesting??? Our society has gotten more and more obese despite these diets. And, more and more research is coming out demonstrating that restrictive diets don’t work. They actually cause more harm than good. Have you noticed this as well!?  

What's even more shocking to me right now is Slimfast programs, Nutrisystems, dangerous weight loss medication, and diets that feed you less than 1200 calories a day are still SO accessible and constantly in your face! Companies are literally making money off of the downfall of your health. 

Honestly this just lights a fire under my butt to keep doing what I am doing and why I am so passionate about sharing a better way with you. I will keep preaching to you all that crash diets are not the answer. I will actually teach you how nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss actually works. I will show you that even though our parents did these things… they may not be the answer TODAY. As much as we may want a ‘magic pill’ or to reach our goals in a week, it’s just not realistic or safe. 

Also, I want to encourage you to show your little ones that they don't need to live a life of restriction and misery. They don’t need to be dieting forever (or at all). I encourage you to teach them how nutrition is a POSITIVE in their life. Food is fuel… EATING is what keeps you healthy and feeling your best self! They are watching your every move, even when it may not feel that way. Let’s model healthy habits for them and break the cycle!

I want to challenge you. Next time you want to talk about your “diet” in front of your kids or how you are not going to eat something because it's “bad”... I want you to stop yourself and rethink what that is telling them. 

Just some food for thought today! 

Oh! And the most important thing- if you never want to go on a diet again- you can join my Gray30 program HERE 

Talk soon!


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