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Italian To-Go in St. Louis


Article by Jessica Fitch

Photography by Provided

When I've got carb cravings, I know to turn to Italian. Now I know how to make an Italian feast or two, but when I've got a hankering for it, it usually appears out of nowhere with no time to go about making said feast.

Here's a list of just a few places you can get some really good Italian takeout in St. Louis.


Started in 2007, Acero offers authentic "mid-western Italian" that is fresh, unprocessed and farm-to-table. With great reviews, Acero excels at offering wonderful service and fine food. Their wine list is extensive, and it makes this a great place to grab some food for your romantic evening in.

Call in for a reservation to dine in or to order curbside takeout. You can see the menu on their website (link on photo).

Failoni's Restaurant & Bar

First opened as a bar and restaurant in 1933, Failoni's is a hidden gem of the St. Louis area. Rosemary and her grandson Joey do the cooking for this local restaurant and offer amazing Italian salads, pastas, pizzas, and more. They cater and host events often (when they can house more people, of course) and make all who enter feel like family.

You can order online through their website to get takeout and curbside.

Cunetto House of Pasta

Since 1972, the Cunetto family has owned and operated the restaurant. They use real "Italian names," but don't let that scare you off: they offer English descriptions and an amazing wine list to pair with all the pasta you'll be eating!

They are offering reservations to dine-in, but you can also call-in to order takeout.

Zia's "On the Hill"

"Zia" is Italian for aunt, and so named after the owners' aunts, who were notoriously good cooks. From delicious canolis, pastas, calamari, and wines, you'll find all the Italian you could want to eat. This restaurant is also much more: they operate a food truck and offer catering.

You can order online through, or call-in to make a reservation or order takeout.