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Leaders Training Leaders


Article by Chad O'Roark

Photography by Brittany Giddens

Leaders training leaders sounds easier than it actually is. The problem is that leaders often don't make the best teachers or trainers.

The excerpt below is from my book, "Success at Every Level." The foundation of this book is to teach leaders how to become great coaches in an effort to lead teams in the right direction.

"Coaching an employee is empowering them to become better. When you are surrounded by coachable employees that are growing and have the power and authority to act, then almost anything is achievable for them. Working together; you can accomplish great things.

I was once told a story about a mountain climber that desperately wanted to conquer a particular mountain. He spent years in preparation, and because he wanted to keep the glory all to himself he set out ahead of everyone on his own without any backup. Several days had passed and he wasn’t heard from. A rescue team was eventually assembled and they searched for the climber. Finally, after several days of searching, the rescue team found him. He was frozen to death and holding tightly onto a rope that was anchored to his waist. That was odd enough, but he was dangling only two feet off of the ground. After much debate the rescue team deliberated that he must have lost his grip in the freezing cold and fallen in the white darkness of night. He was unable to see where he was, and if he had just let go, then he would have found that he was only inches away from safety.  

Too many leaders want the glory all for themselves and therefore they try to conquer the world and do so without any backup. They feel that they can do it all quicker, better, faster, and on their own. They think that waiting for employees to ‘catch up’ is too time consuming and they set out to do it alone.  

Don’t make this mistake. Take the necessary time and energy to coach your team. Together you will eventually become an unstoppable force.

No doubt about it; coaching takes time. They say Rome wasn't built in a day. However, like Rome, when you give your team a firm steady foundation, they can achieve greatness. Give your team the best YOU they deserve.