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A Sweet New Cookie Shop


Article by Sari Lowenstein

Photography by Sari Lowenstein

Imagine a six-ounce cookie, crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and filled with delicious ingredients like chocolate chips, Oreos, or frosted animal cookies. That is exactly what Christina Jokerst from KCookie Company is making. What started as a hobby, quickly blossomed into a booming business with baked goods that are taking over Kansas City.

When I picked up my order, Jokerst handed me an enormous box. I thought to myself, “How can there only be four cookies in here?”

Having seen pictures of her cookies all over, I knew the cookies were huge. But once I got my hands on them in person, I realized their true volume! I placed the box of goodies in my car and it instantly it smelled like fresh-baked cookies. At home, I rushed to rip the tape off the box. I was so excited to dig into all four cookies, but of course phone eats first so before I could take a bite, I had to take pictures of these chunky treats for the ‘gram.

I had four monstrous cookies in my box. “The Duke,” a chocolate chip and walnut combo; “El Jefe” a chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips; “Oreo Dream,” a delightful cookie better than its namesake; and “Toffee Chip,” a buttery dream. I am partial to anything involving Oreos, so naturally it was the first cookie I dove into. There was no shortage of Oreos, with big pieces of cookie and chunks of cream filling. I cut every cookie into bite-sized morsels to see the big chunks of ingredients. Each time I snapped a picture I would take another bite. Soon my phone was filled with pictures and my stomach was stuffed with cookies.

Although she has been baking for as long as she can remember, Jokerst never anticipated opening a cookie business. As a kid, Jokerst would visit her family every summer in Grand Island, NE. Jokerst’s grandmother was a baker and taught her many of the skills she still uses today, like the difference between white and brown sugar and how to whip cake batter. Jokerst’s grandma taught her that if you are going to do something, do it right.

Jokerst used baking as a creative outlet, experimenting with a variety of recipes. She would bake more goodies than she knew what to do with so she would share her baked goods with family, friends and coworkers. Jokerst’s absolute favorite dessert growing up was- and still- is a warm chocolate chip cookie served a la mode.  

Her love for this dessert sparked a two-year journey to find THE perfect recipe. Those years were filled with countless pounds of butter and hundreds of eggs before Jokerst found her perfect cookie recipe.

The first cookie Jokerst perfected was “The Duke” a perfect blend of chocolate and walnuts. Not only is “The Duke” KCookie’s first cookie, it is also named after an inspirational person that has been part of the Jokerst family for many years. This cookie holds a special place in her heat. Coach Mike Denny or Coach “Duke” is not only a highly decorated wrestling coach but a close friend and mentor. His impact stretches far beyond the mat.

“He coached my husband through some of the toughest times and injuries in his [wrestling] career” Jokerst said. “Now 18 years later, he coaches my oldest son at the University of Maryville.”

Naming her first original cookie after this influential man only felt right.

Once the final recipe was formed, Jokerst would test out the recipe by giving them to teachers and friends. The response she received was overwhelming. Soon enough, Jokerst’s husband Jeff suggested opening a business. Initially Jokerst thought her husband was sugar high. She would make excuse after excuse as to why she did not want to open a business, but nevertheless her husband persisted.

One day Jeff offered to make a deal. If he built the website, she would try to sell her cookies for three months. If there was no interest at the end of the three months, he would drop the idea all together.

 “I was so sure three months would come and go without any activity and we could lay this crazy idea to bed [forever],” said Jokerst.

At first, activity was slow. But once one of Jokerst’s sons helped set up her social media accounts and she began reaching out to influencers, her cookies were selling out. From there, it took on a life of its own.

Her cookies can be seen posted all over Instagram and at various pop-ups around Kansas City.

You can find her and her husband at the start of a very long line of fellow cookie connoisseurs waiting to purchase their KCookies. It still shocks Jokerst every time she walks into a pop up to find a line waiting for her. Jokerst loves bringing happiness and cookies to customers, new and returning.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram, @kcookiecompany, to stay updated on where she will be popping up next. If you can’t snatch her cookies at a pop-up, you can order her cookies through her website,