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Article by Renee Donnell

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Digital hearing instruments come in all different shapes and sizes. Finding a digital hearing instrument that most effectively suits your hearing loss and unique listening needs can be a challenging endeavor. Finding a professional who is well versed in all variations of hearing instrument technology is very important, and having some knowledge about this technology is crucial as well.

Below is a list consisting of some of the different hearing aid styles and what makes them unique:

-Invisible in the Canal (IIC): This is the smallest custom style that sits invisibly in or past the second bend of the ear canal. IIC are specifically designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

-Completely in the Canal (CIC): As the smallest custom style, the CIC fits deeply and entirely within the ear canal, offering high cosmetic appeal since they are nearly invisible.

-In the Canal (ITC): These instruments sit in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, which makes them extremely comfortable. They also have a longer battery life.

-Behind the Ear (BTE): These models sit behind or on top of the outer ear, and different sizes accommodate different features, controls, battery types and levels of power.

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